vibrant color

Be Inspired: 11.08.14

really are




 yellow cactus flowers_tom yellow door


Header Image:  Frida Kahlo by Tara Jacoby
Yellow Cactus Flowers Photo by Tom Seliskar
Yellow Door Image by Francisco Oliveira
Bird Image found on Pinterest



Beauty Break: 10.14.14

Color is my daylong obsession, joy, and torment.  ~Claude Monet

Rich, vibrant color. Living color. Beauty found in nature. Beauty crafted from the natural world. Enriching our lives. Igniting our passions. What does it spark in you?

red rug Hawk

plates flower boat

gold rug poppy

red_gold tea cups red wreath

Sunset Photo by Tom Seliskar

Images found on Pinterest
Red Rug | Silk velvet ikat cloth, Central Asia, 1800 – 1900, Museum no. T.30-1930
Photo of Plates | Sam Rowelsky, Morocco
Gold Rug | The Nazmiyal Collection

Image found on Design Sponge | Wreath created by Amy Merrick