storm clouds

Be Inspired: 10.05.22

Not all storms come to disrupt your life, some come to clear your path.

~ Paulo Cohelho








Beauty Break: 04.20.15

Inky. Stormy. Dark. Beautiful.

Adriana Garibaldi

inky flowers by Luli Sanchez

quill and ink

indigo window

alcohol inks on clay board

dark storm

misty coast

blue brink

Raging Bull by Ken Roko


night sky

by Emma McNally1




Images found on Pinterest
Painting by Adriana Garibaldi
Inky flowers by Luli Sanchez
Window image by Katie Nixon
Alcohol inks on clay board by Andrea Pramuk
Raging Bull by Ken Roko
Image of chaotic constellation by Emma McNally
Jellyfish Underwater Photography by Alexander Semenov