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Be Inspired: 12.18.15

Please love yourself.
I am so very tired of this traveling shame show.
I can’t take it any longer.
It’s ridiculous.
So many of us wandering around not happy with who we are, not comfortable in our own skin, swearing we will finally celebrate our lives when we finally do that one next thing.
When does it end?
It ends when we end it.
It ends when we clear the emotional debris and try a self-celebratory way of being on for size.
Not when someone’s love for us hands us back our self-worth,
but when we decide to on our own terms.
Many of us go through our whole lives not loving ourselves for one minute.
This has to stop.
Let’s stop it.
Let’s practice self-love.
A little more every day.
Please love yourself.
You are so f*&%ing divine.

~ Jeff Brown

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Wise Words: You are enough.



A friend recently posted this on Facebook. Here was my comment to the post…


In my view, it is time for each of us to see and hear how many times a day the world around us — as my friend, Barb With calls them, the voices of culture — is telling us we’re not enough. “They” get rich when we believe them. Each of us is enough!

…which inspired further thoughts.

There are so many things in our world, in our lives, convincing us that we don’t have value just as we are and that we are not the creators of our own lives. I believe that this is inaccurate and that only self-awareness will remedy the situation.

Just look at advertising. How many times a day and in how many ways in a day are you bombarded with advertising? TV, billboards, radio, internet ads on nearly every site, magazines. Even talking coupon dispensers at WalMart for Pete’s sake. And on the whole, the message is saying you lack something and need what they have to sell or a service they offer. Hear that…you lack…you’re not enough…something about you is wrong and needs changing… We hear these messages all day long without even realizing it. And that’s the point. It’s like a form of hypnosis. And the only way to counter any effects from it is to be aware, be conscious.

I’m not saying advertising is evil. I’m saying we get to choose who we are, what we believe, what we let into our lives. That means not being susceptible to things that may have an effect on you even if you don’t realize it. I’m saying it’s time to pay attention. It’s time to look and feel and hear and listen and sense your life, your relationships, your world. Is it filled with what you like, want, desire, choose?

If it were up to me to prescribe a remedy, I would offer this:

Get alone, get quiet.
Turn off everything outside of you…the tv, the radio, your phone, the internet/computer. These things are not bad. You just need a break from them. You can’t have this important experience of being you with you if they are blasting away at you. It needs to be quiet so you can hear YOUR OWN voice.

Be still and listen.
Tune into the inside of you…lie down, sit down, be comfortable, breathe, close your eyes. Or take a walk in nature, gently, quietly, not a power walk to get exercise. Listen, feel, sense…what do you observe, notice? What’s happening in your body? Your mind? Your feelings and emotions? What do you hear?

Remind yourself who you are. Get clear about who you are not. Stay here as long as you can. It may be challenging or uncomfortable at first. Even just a few minutes, at first. Eventually, stay here as long as feels appropriate. You’ll begin to rely on it and miss it when you don’t make time for it.

This isn’t a one time thing. This is a way of being. In fact, it’s our natural way of being. It’s what the bigger you is craving from you, for you. To be with you. To connect with you. There is wisdom here. Life gets more in the flow here. There is balance here. YOU are here.

That’s my two cents worth.

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Repost: I AM Home


As I sat down to write this morning, an old post from an old blog caught my attention. I’ve learned to pay attention to this experience of my intuition, no matter how subtle or small. Reading the post I had feelings that were simultaneously old and new. The words were familiar. My story was familiar. At the same time it was new, deeper, stronger.

This has been a common occurrence as I’ve walked into my awakening. It’s like descending a grand spiral staircase. You come back around to where you started but at a new level, a deeper level. As I read, it was so clear to me how much more I feel and embody the insight, the knowingness that I shared several years ago. With each passing day I become ever more the wisdom, the truth I AM. And really, what else is there to do?!


I AM Home

The other title I considered for this post…

Can you be sovereign while sleeping in a bunk bed under glow-in-the-dark stars?

My whole life I have had bouts of intense feelings of homesickness. As a child, I used to cry as I had to leave home and my mom and head off to school. As I recall it, I’d hug my mom, step off the porch, get to the end of the drive way and look back. I would be overwhelmed with a deep sense of longing and homesickness that I would tear up. It took everything I had not to turn and run back into the safety, warmth and familiarity of her embrace.

Somewhere in the awakening and discovery process, I came to realize the deep longing I have experienced for a lifetime was for a home I left long, long ago. My angelic home. My angelic family. Recently, though, life experiences help me to deepen that understanding even further.

Early this fall, I closed my shop and classroom on Main Street. It was called Hand with Seeds. I had created it as an expression of my soul’s passion. As I’ve shared, my passion is to help people remember who they truly are. To remember that they are sovereign creator beings. Divine AND human. While I knew that I would continue to express my soul’s passion in some way, I was unclear about how that would express itself going forward. Additionally, this transition meant leaving my apartment above the shop and moving in a with a friend. These were all choices. I was not a victim. And yet, transitions and living with the unknown can be a bit challenging.

So now I find myself at this dear and generous friend’s house, sharing it with her two sons. Her oldest son, who’s seven, agreed to give up his room and let me use it for a bit. I am so grateful. Each night, when I turn off the light the room lights up with glow-in-the-dark planets and stars. As I tuck in under the covers in the bunk bed, Duffy by my side, I look up to see a miniature night sky above me.

Most nights I do my deep conscious breathing and then let myself drift off to sleep. Sometimes, though, I notice doubt trying to creep in. You know those moments…the mind gets hold of something and it starts its spinning. These are such old habits and patterns from this lifetime and others. They may sound familiar to you…”Poor me. Why me? What will happen to me? What did I do to find myself in this small life without a place to call home (of my own)? What do people think of me? What do I do now? Can I get past this? I have no home.”

Looking at the facts of my situation, the mental version, I could feel “small”. I could have issues of unworthiness pop up their ugly, yet familiar little heads. But one night something very different emerged, something magical in this most unlikely moment in my life.

Deep in the night, I woke up. Even before I fully awoke, I was aware of deep feeling of peace. A comforting certainty. Slowly, as I became more awake, the voice that I know as my intuition began to whisper to me. “You are home. You are home.”  As I felt into it, the realization washed over me. It wasn’t the home that I had gracefully landed that my intuition was referring to. It was me.  I…am home.  I am home. Home lives deep within me. Home…right here in me, around me, of me.

So why does it make sense for me to experience this now, in this most unlikely of moments? As my friend Carla always asks in moments like these, why is this the perfect timing? It seems to me, after careful consideration, that this is, indeed, the perfect time. It didn’t come as a result of anything outside of me. It came from within. I didn’t win the lottery and then feel secure. I wasn’t given a big house and then feel like I had a home. It came in the moment when it seems “logical” to panic and worry. It came when the facts would lead you to think there’s a problem, that something bad is happening. It didn’t come as a result of anything outside of me. It came from within. It came from all that have done to release and clear what no longer serve me, no longer suited who I truly am. It came from the wisdom I was willing to glean from life and experiences. It came from the focused determination to understand things in the New way. It came from me!

I AM Home.

And as the young lady said…there’s no place like home!


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Afraid to look

My guess is at least part of the reason humans are afraid or reluctant to open their eyes, really wake up and look within is because they’re afraid they may be right. Some part, even a tiny part, if they were really honest with themselves, may actually feel they are unworthy or less than or a sinner or not good enough or wrong somehow.

But the truth is, the deep undeniable truth, is that you ARE worthy. Your worth, your value is a given. It just is. It’s your divine birthright. Period.

You exist, therefore you have value. They go hand in hand. Your worth is assured. Just being here is enough. It has absolutely nothing to do with your appearance, your intelligence or lack of it, skills you do or do not have, how hard you work or don’t, the amount of money you have, how successful you are or are not or if you do it the right way or the wrong way. None of this has anything to do with your worth. Your worth is intrinsic. You are born with it. You die with it. No one can give it to you or take it from you. It’s yours and yours alone.

It’s yours.


Which means it’s yours to do with as you want.

So…you can deny it from yourself (maybe even without realizing it). You can put limitations on it. Pretend you have to earn it somehow. Require that there be hoops to jump through in order to have it. You can even keep it just out of reach so you never quite have it, but are always chasing it. You can let family, friends and colleagues shape your view of you. You can let the voices of culture, religion and government/politics have a say in how you feel about yourself.

Or you can just accept it and allow it to be so.

It’s your game. You get to choose.

Whatever you choose or don’t choose…the truth will always be waiting there, just under the surface. Ever patient. Until you’re compassionate enough of yourself or brave enough or possibly sick and tired enough to crack those eyes open (or at least one) and begin to look…and see…who you truly are.

Aren’t you worth it?


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