self worth

Be Inspired: 12.18.15

Please love yourself.
I am so very tired of this traveling shame show.
I can’t take it any longer.
It’s ridiculous.
So many of us wandering around not happy with who we are, not comfortable in our own skin, swearing we will finally celebrate our lives when we finally do that one next thing.
When does it end?
It ends when we end it.
It ends when we clear the emotional debris and try a self-celebratory way of being on for size.
Not when someone’s love for us hands us back our self-worth,
but when we decide to on our own terms.
Many of us go through our whole lives not loving ourselves for one minute.
This has to stop.
Let’s stop it.
Let’s practice self-love.
A little more every day.
Please love yourself.
You are so f*&%ing divine.

~ Jeff Brown

Quote via Jeff Brown’s Facebook post
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Bblackwater over basalt stones by Russell Tomlin on Flickr