Wise Words: Clarity

This is an incredibly potent, powerful and amazing time in my own journey and on the planet. Can you feel it in your own world? For me, I’m beginning to feel and sense new insights and inspirations around things that have long felt so old and heavy and laden with “impossible”, “can’t be done”, “won’t ever change”. And as these fresh faced new bits come forth and reveal themselves I am so aware of the incredible importance of the emptying out process that Lauren Gorgo refers to, the letting go of ALL that is not sovereign and true you…and me. For how could there have ever been space and energy for the new if there was so much clutter of old?

This world can be noisy and chaotic. Our lives can take on that feeling, too. How DO we get from where we are to where we know we are meant to be? Not should be, but want to be? Where do we begin?

Choose clarity!

clarity [klar-i-tee]
clearness or lucidity as to perception or understanding; freedom from indistinctness or ambiguity.

When you feel confusion and mental fogginess, maybe it’s time to bring in your own clarity, make the choice for clarity. It is such a powerful feeling to be absolutely clear within yourself, clear in your own space.

A sailboat without a rudder will simply drift on the endless seas.
Clarity is like a rudder in your life.
It adds direction.
It adds that distinction.
It makes those things that are truly important come to the forefront
and it releases everything else that’s mostly noise.
~Kuthumi and Adamus

Simply start with clarity. Choose it! And then allow it to come to you. It’s a natural, an innate part of you. Once you have clarity, you’ll suddenly realize what you need, what you want, what the next step is, where to place your energy and resources. Many things fall away. Other things simply take care of themselves. And there’s a new focus on what truly is important. Energies then can be attracted to that, rather than the hundreds and hundreds of things that are not so important or are distracting you or cluttering your environment. In the wake of that you can then begin to feel your passions, your creations come to the forefront, no longer having to fight for time, attention, energy, space.

So, today I revisit the Queen and my comittment to her, knowing THAT part of me holds the crystal clear, the new, the forward, the desired. Not the falseness I took on, that so often has distracted me. Nor what comes from those parts of us with a sense of entitlement, holding fast to the old, shouting their hollow rant that this is how it’s done…it’s always been this way. The ways that have ground our hearts into dust and trampled our passions. No. More. It’s a new day. It’s a clear day. And again I say…

Long Live the Queen!

To live! Truly live! To forever break this pattern of small…lack…powerless. Moment by moment. Breath at a time. Creating myself as the one I want to be. Creating a life that suits me perfectly. It is not frivolous. Or a “nice idea”. Or something to dabble in. This is important. I commit time. I commit resources. I commit energy. Every day. Each day. Beginning again. And again.

I meet those bullies and demon voices of old right where they stand. They don’t rule me. I revolve them into loving voices, sovereign voices, compassionate voices. I am the Queen, the Goddess, my own One. Those critical voices and put downs are no longer mine. In fact, they never were. They don’t belong here, no longer allowed. They have no power here. I will not carry “wrong” any more…mine or yours. The old can integrate and gift me with their wisdom. Or they can get out. But things cannot remain as they were. They can no longer wreak havoc here. The walls and bars of that prison dissolve like the illusions they are.

So…today – each day – I pick up my power. I claim my sovereignty. I stand as my own counsel and authority. There is no one above me or below me. This is my time. This is my life. This is my creation. THIS IS MY WORLD, TOO! No more unruly inmates running the prison or wounded patients running the asylum. I burn these confining and limiting structures down and return to the palace, the place of freedom, to reclaim my throne!


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