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Opening to Greater Awareness

As I said on a post the month I began this blog, it takes great courage to face who we’ve been…how we’ve been…what we’ve done and said, or not done and not said…all the while having great compassion and love for ourselves. To look with gentle eyes. To forgive ourselves our past. To be bold enough to let it all go so that we can see who we truly are. Not only does it take courage, it takes commitment, discipline and tenacity. And the willingness just to begin.

The energies are ripe for this work. There is so much available in terms of support, resources, inspiration these days, including the Wise Words posts on my blog. Here’s another great way to get started:  Brene’ Brown, the author of the quote above, has given a couple of Ted Talks you may enjoy. My first exposure to her work was the talk she gave on vulnerability. If you’d like to listen you can do so for free on the Ted Talks website. She’s also done work with the never more potent Oprah and has a new book out called Daring Greatly.

Opening to greater awareness…exploring Self…this is the work of a lifetime. I applaud all who take it on. You have my honor and blessings.







Wise Words: It’s Time

It is that time of year, when the Universe makes room for activities with the intent of love. The world opens its collective heart and in so doing, opens to magic and miracles. And the idea that anything can happen at any time seems more possible. The beautiful mystery.

Now is the time…for true miracles, the miracles of understanding and remembrance. Remembering and understanding who you truly are…to love self…and from that place, love your family and friends, those in your community, the world and the Earth herself.

Now is the time…to see yourself through the eyes of Spirit, the Universe, God…whatever you call that expansive love and compassion and wisdom. From this perspective, you are so much more than you believe…or have been aware of…or than you seem. Even your past is more than it seems. There are gifts to be received and given…there are treasures buried deep. Now is the time.

Now is the time…to remember that everything is a mirror for you…even that grand, divine, love. It is time to remember that the truest love, the deepest compassion, that divinity, has been inside of you this whole time.

Now is the time…to live without barriers and limitations. You are NOT limited, you only thought so! It is time to allow yourself to be grounded and soar at the same time. No more excuses.

Now is the time…to allow everything that you didn’t love about yourself to come back into unity. To let it soften and shift and ease. To accept who you are…to love who you are and let it fill you, body, mind and soul. And if that seems too grand a task in this moment, at least be kind to yourself. Now is the time.

Now is the time to speak of love, to speak with love…to be the love that you are. To feel it deep within you. To radiate it within you, for you. And to radiate it out into the world. Now is the time.

It takes a bold and courageous human to be who they truly are, to be their fullness.

Are you ready?

As I like to say…
It doesn’t matter how you begin, only that you begin.

…and with a loving deep breath…

So blessings on your beginning…or beginning again.
And the allowing of magic and miracles…





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Wise Words: You are enough.



A friend recently posted this on Facebook. Here was my comment to the post…


In my view, it is time for each of us to see and hear how many times a day the world around us — as my friend, Barb With calls them, the voices of culture — is telling us we’re not enough. “They” get rich when we believe them. Each of us is enough!

…which inspired further thoughts.

There are so many things in our world, in our lives, convincing us that we don’t have value just as we are and that we are not the creators of our own lives. I believe that this is inaccurate and that only self-awareness will remedy the situation.

Just look at advertising. How many times a day and in how many ways in a day are you bombarded with advertising? TV, billboards, radio, internet ads on nearly every site, magazines. Even talking coupon dispensers at WalMart for Pete’s sake. And on the whole, the message is saying you lack something and need what they have to sell or a service they offer. Hear that…you lack…you’re not enough…something about you is wrong and needs changing… We hear these messages all day long without even realizing it. And that’s the point. It’s like a form of hypnosis. And the only way to counter any effects from it is to be aware, be conscious.

I’m not saying advertising is evil. I’m saying we get to choose who we are, what we believe, what we let into our lives. That means not being susceptible to things that may have an effect on you even if you don’t realize it. I’m saying it’s time to pay attention. It’s time to look and feel and hear and listen and sense your life, your relationships, your world. Is it filled with what you like, want, desire, choose?

If it were up to me to prescribe a remedy, I would offer this:

Get alone, get quiet.
Turn off everything outside of you…the tv, the radio, your phone, the internet/computer. These things are not bad. You just need a break from them. You can’t have this important experience of being you with you if they are blasting away at you. It needs to be quiet so you can hear YOUR OWN voice.

Be still and listen.
Tune into the inside of you…lie down, sit down, be comfortable, breathe, close your eyes. Or take a walk in nature, gently, quietly, not a power walk to get exercise. Listen, feel, sense…what do you observe, notice? What’s happening in your body? Your mind? Your feelings and emotions? What do you hear?

Remind yourself who you are. Get clear about who you are not. Stay here as long as you can. It may be challenging or uncomfortable at first. Even just a few minutes, at first. Eventually, stay here as long as feels appropriate. You’ll begin to rely on it and miss it when you don’t make time for it.

This isn’t a one time thing. This is a way of being. In fact, it’s our natural way of being. It’s what the bigger you is craving from you, for you. To be with you. To connect with you. There is wisdom here. Life gets more in the flow here. There is balance here. YOU are here.

That’s my two cents worth.

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