Be Inspired: 04.09.23

I wish you sunshine on your path
and storms to season your journey.

I wish you peace in the world in which you live
and in the smallest corner of the heart where truth is kept.

More I cannot wish you except perhaps love to make all the rest worthwhile.

~ Robert A. Ward


so english by rupertdavis

Wise Words: Releasing Patterns

The truth will set you free.

But first, it will annoy you, confuse you, piss you off and disrupt your life.

Believe it or not, that’s the good news.

Coming into awareness of the truth, of who you truly are, and just as importantly, who you are not, what’s yours and what’s not yours, ultimately opening your eyes to your sovereignty, will set you free.

Simply put it IS freedom.

In order to live as your authentic self you’ve got to see clearly the patterns and perspectives that no longer serve you and no longer align with you, letting them break apart, dissolve and clear. You don’t have to process them to death. That only makes them stick. Just take a deep breath. Thank them for the wisdom and experience they gave you. Choose to let it all go and then do. Simply release them.

In the wake of your clarity and heartfelt choice, you will experience change. The changes will be at multiple levels and layers, including, mentally, physically and emotionally. Allow the structures and patterns of the old ways to topple and fall so that the true you can emerge and become real in your life. Some days this will not be easy. You may curse me and you for choosing to begin this process. But you have called for it. It is happening as it should. Not because of fate or destiny or karma, but because a deep longing in your heart. You, the creator that you are, said, “I know there is more! Bring it on!”

I’m certainly not promising sunshine and rainbows. Personal awareness and growth can be disruptive, intense, and dramatic. Things can feel like they’re getting worse, before they feel like they’re improving. But, even that depends on your perspective. If you see things as if nothing is wrong, rather everything is happening for a reason, your experience will be smoother and easier. What I can promise is that you’ll ultimately feel and be freer and more authentic than ever before. And isn’t that worth some discomfort? It was for me!

In the beginning, it takes a while to see things differently, to see beyond the patterns. Even when you WANT to see, clarity may still elude you a bit. These are layers upon layers you’re dealing with, years in the making. It requires the trust of self to hear the doubts and move forward anyway. Take heart. Once you become aware of something, you can never become unaware.  And a huge percentage of personal growth work is awareness.

This work is not formulaic. We each have our own unique experience. That said there are some commonalities. Change is certain. You’re making fundamental shifts which will affect yourself and others close to you. Your priorities, your relationships, how you interact with the world, your energy level, and your mood may all shift and change. The path of conscious transformation isn’t a straight line starting at point A and ending at point Z. It’s more like a spiral staircase, possibly giving you an unsettling feeling of déjà vu. Or, even causing you to feel discouraged because you feel you are back where you started or at some earlier point on your path. Indeed not. You’re simply opening to a layer requiring greater insight and awareness. Can you see it as an opportunity for greater wisdom? As you do the work, you’ll most likely peak and plateau. You may feel wobbly and uncertain, like the ground beneath you is shifting. All of this is normal. Please know that it’s part of the process.

I know it from personal experience that it would feel worse, if nothing were changing, if you continued to feel stuck in old patterns you are saying “no more” to. The less you resist, the easier the experience will be. Resistance causes friction and pain in the mind and body. I speak from experience. The more I got into a place of deep trust of Self, the smoother things went. It definitely takes practice. It takes discipline. But it can be done. Remember to be gentle and compassionate with yourself. Do the things that support self care. Any discomfort you experience will pass. Try not to judge yourself.

For now, take a good deep breath and give yourself credit for taking conscious steps into awareness of the grander You. I predict that when you look back on this time you have chosen for awareness and transformation and you will consider even the toughest of times as precious.

Remember, you called for this change, this freedom. Hurrah! Now comes the time to dive deep into self, clearing and releasing all that is no longer yours, making way for the true you to emerge and be present in your life.

May this grand and unprecedented time of transformation serve you gracefully. I add my Light, compassion and blessings to your grand and beautiful journey.