Olaf Hajek

Beauty Break: 04.10.15

Bold. Bright. Beauty.

Mōhala_blossom bird

The Earth Laughs in Flowers – Pink & Gold Art Print by Cat Coquillette

Vintage Kantha quilts

Olaf Hajek

bright retro geometric purple flowers_tom seliskar

botticelli angel by Romany Soup

Mary's weaving 1

cosmic nature

Colorful Blue Morpho butterfly bright pink cactus flowers_tom seliskar

Elisa Werbler

Bali Princess by Andrea Matus

hydrangea As Collective, Bouquet

   bohemian flowers

Image of purple flowers by Tom Seliskar
Purple Cactus Flower weaving by Mary Dieterich | Photo Credit:  Jessica Sackett
Image of bright pink cactus flowers by Tom Seliskar
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The Earth Laughs in Flowers – Pink & Gold Art Print by Cat Coquillette
Header image by Olaf Hajek
Blossom Bird | Mōhala

People in the tree image by Olaf Hajek
Botticelli Angel by Romany Soup
Modern print by Elisa Werbler
Bali Princess by Andrea Matus
Watercolor bouquet | As Collective

Beauty Break: 03.03.15

Women + Nature + Art = Beauty

poppies and verbascum

Adele Vogue March 2012

lily pads

John William Waterhouse_detail

gold leaves

alexandre cabanel pandora

humming bird_flower

Olaf Hajek




John William Waterhouse_A Mermaid, 1901


The Green Parasol by Renoir

gold crystal

Andrew Remnev

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Header Image: Gather Ye Rosebuds (detail) by John William Waterhouse

Adele | Vogue
Halas and the Nymphs (detail) by John William Waterhouse
Pandora by Alexandre Cabanel
Olaf Hajek
Evening Mood by William-Adolphe Bouguereau
A Mermaid by John William Waterhouse
The Green Parasol by Renoir
Andrew Remnev

Art will save the world

I’ve recently discovered the work of Olaf Hajek and it got me thinking. The pieces are organic, wild, chaotic with elements of both modern art and folk art. A real blending. He doesn’t seem to be following the rules. Retailers and name brands often commission him to do pieces for their advertising. I’m intrigued by the breaking down of walls this indicates. The walls that keep art separate. Considered such only if it’s hung in museums, created by someone trained in art school or is very old and created by someone history calls a Master. What is art? Why is art still so haughty? This question has even been explored by Jerry Seinfeld in a recent episode of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. Why isn’t comedy considered art? With great passion and some humor of course, he shared that, in his view, it is.

Isn’t it time we take a different view? Reexamine art and creativity. Move beyond old, outdated notions. According to Adamus, art and creativity will save the world.

As I’ve said before, art will save the world. It truly will. When a society can be artistic, first and foremost, that means it has liberated itself. It’s not the painting that’s going to free somebody. It’s the consciousness that “We can spend our time with the joyful, sensual pleasures on Earth, rather than the mental, rather than the rules and regulations.” That shows a free society.  ~Adamus St. Germain

Sounds like a great world to me! I’m in! Who’s with me?


Olaf Hajek 2

Olaf Hajek 4

Olaf Hajek 3

POCKO Olaf Hajek

Olaf Hajek 5