Be Inspired: 04.14.20

It takes great courage and inner strength to change from what is known and comfortable to something which is new and fresh.
That which is unknown often contains our greatest potential.
To step courageously from the old ways and habits into new directions and endeavors will bring great favor.

~ Aristotle




Via A Delightful Moment

Love Gush: A Fresh, New Creation!

Flower Crown (Jessica Sackett) by Michelle Moran

I’m so pleased to be launching a fresh, new and beautiful creation with my dear friend, Michelle Moran! We are both so excited to be playing with one of our deep and abiding passions — flowers!

I have so much heartfelt appreciation for this glorious community that has blossomed from my blogging, I felt compelled to share this wonderful news with you all! If you choose to, I’d love for you to add your Light and any good wishes to our creative endeavor and grand new potentials. Take a look at Many blessings!




Floral arrangement, floral crown and photos by the beautifully creative, Michelle Moran