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Be Inspired: 08.18.16

People are afraid that if they let go of their anger and righteousness and wrath, and look at their own feelings—and even see the good in a bad person—they’re going to lose the energy they need to do something about the problem. But actually you get more strength and energy by operating from a place of love and concern. You can be just as tough, but more effectively tough.

~ Robert Thurman

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Wise Words: Dos and Don’ts

As I’ve shared, I’ve invested much of my time coming to understand issues I’ve had deep within, which are core to us all, noticed or not, faced or not. Understanding things about self love and acceptance of self; understanding how to get out of this whole cycle and drama of victim energy in order to claim sovereignty and creatorship; how to move beyond the limitations of the mind into the imagination, intuition and an expanded or divine intelligence.

By going through these processes myself and understanding the energetics, understanding some of the physics and understanding how it impacts me in every different way, it has given me the tools, the knowledge and the wisdom to do the work I came here to do. To do the work to be who I truly am. And to get to the point of truly living…in joy, in compassion, in love, in sovereignty. Why else do the work?

Here’s some dos and don’ts that supported me along the way…and continue to. My guess is none of it is new to you, but in my experience, the wisdom, person or resource shows up when you are ready for it. So, maybe there’s something here for you. An insight. A nudge. A reminder. Or maybe it just feels good knowing you’re not alone!

Happy Friday!



Develop the habit of observation. Notice your thoughts. Observe your reactions. Without judgement. Awareness is the first step in all transformation.

Take the stance that everything is happening for a reason. Then explore how that is true. Ask yourself why it’s perfect. What are you getting from it?

Get alone, quiet and still on a regular basis. Then listen. Spend time feeling into and imagining what you want in your life. This isn’t a mental activity, it’s a feeling and sensing activity.

Fake it until you make it. Let the mind work for you. It doesn’t know the difference between real and imagined. So act like you’re already the way you choose to be.

If you get stuck, choose clarity, ask to be shown, ask to be supported. And then allow it to come to you.



Don’t be fooled by the external conditions of your life or of a situation. You’re the creator. It’s all illusion. It can shift in a heartbeat…if you allow it. Focus on what you want, what you need, what you choose. What you focus on expands. Wouldn’t you rather expand what you desire, instead of the things you loathe?

Don’t fight. To quote Adamus, “When there’s nothing to fight, there’s nothing to fear.”  Fighting it, resisting it just makes it persist. Push means push back. This all about acceptance, allowing, grace and ease. Take a deep breath and allow. Choose easy!

Don’t stop. If you’re anything like me, you’ll take a step forward and then experience a few steps back. No need to quit. You’re not doing it wrong. Change is not an A to B experience. It’s a zig zag, a spiral, a back and forth. When you notice that you’ve fallen back into an old pattern or habit, take a deep breath and begin again. No worries. This is natural. You’re going to get there.


Notice some themes? It’s simple really. Whether it’s easy…or not…is up to you?
; )


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