Be Inspired: 07.29.21

I am this hurting human with these emotions and I am Divine.
For the Divine me is vast like the sea,
washing away the sandcastles of hurt and woe,
returning them to the wisdom of the sea.

~ Jerry Sweeten

Wise Words: Expanded Potentials

In the energies of chaos
you can make the greatest expansions of your consciousness.

~ Adamus Saint-Germain

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This year has been called a Year of Disruption. All you need to do is turn on the news to have that validated. While it can be frustrating and, maybe, a bit frightening, it is also how great changes happen. How the old gives way to the new. And this era is certainly a quantum leap in new. No more baby steps. It’s time for everything to become new. Not renewed or refreshed or revamped, but new. Totally new. Old systems giving way to new, more creative systems. Old technologies dissolving into innovative and brilliant new ones. And you, too. This is a grand opportunity to open up to the expanded potentials and allow the old, tired, worn out you to dissolve. To become new. The natural you. True you.

A few years ago, a friend gave me an image which later I would recognize as a metaphor for the work I do as a Life Coach. Imagine a golden orb. Golden. Beautiful. Radiant.

This is you. The essence of you. True you.

Take a deep breath. Close your eyes. Feel into it for a moment. Go beyond just seeing it. Feel it. Bask in it.

Mmmmm…. Feels good. Feels right.

Now, think about your life. The challenging experiences you’ve had at work. Hurtful relationships, past and present. Unhealed wounds from childhood. The stress you may feel in your busy, sometimes hectic life. Beliefs that limit what you feel you can have, do or say. I could go on, but you know that list of things, right? These things are like strips of blue painter’s tape covering up the orb. Covering that radiant glow. This stuff accumulates. Slowly, over time, bit by bit, layers and layers of tape. Until you can no longer see the full, glowing radiance of that orb. Now it’s just a big ball of blue tape.

Feel into it this version of the orb. Notice any similarities or differences to the feeling you had with the glowing, unbound orb.

The effect of the accumulated junk, represented by the tape, is enormous. When you can no longer see and feel and know that radiance, that truth, that oh so natural way of being, it significantly affects how you move around in the world and engage life. You begin to create your life in the image of the bound up ball of blue tape, instead of your radiant glow. You create a false version of life as if it were the real version. You see your reflection as the ordinary blue ball. You create your environment in that image. You create relationships in that image. Before you know it, these things have weighed you down, limited your potentials, and blocked the flow the your vital life force, creativity and passion. And you may not even realize it. It may seem normal.

But, many are waking up now. Fed up enough to begin to see a few cracks between the pieces of tape where small streams of their own Light shines through. Beginning to remember that there’s something more. Feeling inspired to begin removing those bits of tape to reveal what has been covered up. That certainly was the case for me!

Now, this is the work I do with those who are ready and willing. This is my passion. I relish the moments when I get to remind them that they are nothing less than a sacred, glorious, radiant being. And support their discovery of the golden, glowing orb that lies just under the blue tape.


Rays of Sunset, photo by Mauritius

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Fear Not, photo by Larry Andreasen on Fivehundredpx
Saved from msvanvan
Rays of Sunset, photo by Mauritius


Beauty Break: 01.29.16

Snow queen.

Castle Howard, Great Britain

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Gemma Ward by Paolo Roversi

via article from Elizabeth Anne Designs stunning stacks from The Knot

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Castle Howard, Great Britain via The Fuller View
winter trees via thefullerview
tiara via etsy
alisha sanvicens via simply divine creation
Gemma Ward by Paolo Roversi
via article from Elizabeth Anne Designs

stunning stacks from The Knot
saved from minds.com
horses in winter saved from thefullerview
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Beauty Break: 09.09.15

Gaga for Guinevere.

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white rose blooms

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Queen Guinevere’s Maying by John Collier | post from the blog Pre Raphaelite Art on Bloglovin’
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Found on thisivyhouse.tumblr.com
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Wise Words: It’s Time

It is that time of year, when the Universe makes room for activities with the intent of love. The world opens its collective heart and in so doing, opens to magic and miracles. And the idea that anything can happen at any time seems more possible. The beautiful mystery.

Now is the time…for true miracles, the miracles of understanding and remembrance. Remembering and understanding who you truly are…to love self…and from that place, love your family and friends, those in your community, the world and the Earth herself.

Now is the time…to see yourself through the eyes of Spirit, the Universe, God…whatever you call that expansive love and compassion and wisdom. From this perspective, you are so much more than you believe…or have been aware of…or than you seem. Even your past is more than it seems. There are gifts to be received and given…there are treasures buried deep. Now is the time.

Now is the time…to remember that everything is a mirror for you…even that grand, divine, love. It is time to remember that the truest love, the deepest compassion, that divinity, has been inside of you this whole time.

Now is the time…to live without barriers and limitations. You are NOT limited, you only thought so! It is time to allow yourself to be grounded and soar at the same time. No more excuses.

Now is the time…to allow everything that you didn’t love about yourself to come back into unity. To let it soften and shift and ease. To accept who you are…to love who you are and let it fill you, body, mind and soul. And if that seems too grand a task in this moment, at least be kind to yourself. Now is the time.

Now is the time to speak of love, to speak with love…to be the love that you are. To feel it deep within you. To radiate it within you, for you. And to radiate it out into the world. Now is the time.

It takes a bold and courageous human to be who they truly are, to be their fullness.

Are you ready?

As I like to say…
It doesn’t matter how you begin, only that you begin.

…and with a loving deep breath…

So blessings on your beginning…or beginning again.
And the allowing of magic and miracles…





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