Love Gush: 08.03.15

I recently wrote a note to a friend going through a significant transition in her life. Reading it back to myself before sealing the envelope, I had the distinct impression that the grandest part of me, my soul, was saying the same thing to me. It felt so loving. It felt so compassion. So, of course, I want to share it with you! Maybe your soul wants to share words of love with you, too.

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I’m sending so much love to you along with blessings, in support of your soul’s passion and your heart’s every desire. I’m thinking of you as you step into this new adventure, whatever it may be. Your worth is secure as it has nothing to do with anything but your divine existence. There’s nothing missing and there’s nothing wrong. All is truly well in all of Creation…including with you. Even if the chatter of your mind monkeys is trying to convince you otherwise, of anything different. All that matters now is:

What do you truly want? How do you want to live your life? How can you allow yourself to be who you are every day of the rest of your life? How do you want to express your soul’s passion? What do you want to create?

However it unfolds, feel my hand at your back, see my smile beaming brightly at you and know that I am with you in spirit.

Blessings and love to you, my friend.



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