Brene’ Brown

Be Inspired: 10.03.2022

Owning our story can be hard but not nearly as difficult as spending our lives running from it.

~ Brené Brown





Opening to Greater Awareness

As I said on a post the month I began this blog, it takes great courage to face who we’ve been…how we’ve been…what we’ve done and said, or not done and not said…all the while having great compassion and love for ourselves. To look with gentle eyes. To forgive ourselves our past. To be bold enough to let it all go so that we can see who we truly are. Not only does it take courage, it takes commitment, discipline and tenacity. And the willingness just to begin.

The energies are ripe for this work. There is so much available in terms of support, resources, inspiration these days, including the Wise Words posts on my blog. Here’s another great way to get started:  Brene’ Brown, the author of the quote above, has given a couple of Ted Talks you may enjoy. My first exposure to her work was the talk she gave on vulnerability. If you’d like to listen you can do so for free on the Ted Talks website. She’s also done work with the never more potent Oprah and has a new book out called Daring Greatly.

Opening to greater awareness…exploring Self…this is the work of a lifetime. I applaud all who take it on. You have my honor and blessings.