Wise Words: Mother’s Day

A friend shared these wise and beautiful words on Facebook and I felt moved to share them with you. Thank you to Kathleen Reading Haws.

Mother’s Day can be a time of celebration for some, and not for others. Those who have not had good relationships with their mothers or may have experienced abuse through this relationship may have less than loving feelings about motherhood. Also, for those who have not birthed a child or had a child in their lives may not feel a part of this day. However, I would have you consider that being a mother is much more than giving birth.

If you have ever:

Shown love to a child, you’ve mothered.
Cared for and nurtured an animal, you’ve mothered.
Shown compassion to another, you’ve mothered.
Made your home a safe haven for another, you’ve mothered.
Given of yourself even when it has been difficult, you’ve mothered.
Listened without judgment, you’ve mothered.
Lovingly grown a garden, you’ve mothered.
Seen the good in another even when they don’t see it themselves, you’ve mothered.
Felt the beauty in living things, you’ve mothered.
Dedicated your life to teaching others, you’ve mothered.
Assisted someone in birthing or in the last stages of dying, you’ve mothered.
Shared a heartfelt feeling or intuition with another, you’ve mothered.
Loved another unconditionally, you’ve mothered.

Mothering is one of the strongest threads in the tapestry of life on our planet. Here’s to mothering – whatever that looks like, and for whom.


Many blessings to each of you on this Mother’s Day.

Here’s to a NEW Year!

My wish for us all…

Peace.  From deep down within.

Fulfillment.  In each facet of your life.

Kindness. From close and caring friends.

Love.  That never ends.

Special memories.  Of all the yesterdays.

Passion. That sparks your creativity.

A bright today.  With much to be thankful for.

A path.  That leads to beautiful tomorrows.

Appreciation.  Of all the wonderful things about you.

A whole year. Of exceedingly joyful days, an abundance of exciting opportunities, plenty to celebrate, a prodigious quantity of dreams that come true, limitless experiences to satisfy and enrich your life, and days as full of pleasure and contentment as one can imagine.

Have an extravagantly happy new year and a beautiful 2017 to match!




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