Be Inspired: 10.02.21

How do you plan a rebirth?
I’m not sure you do.
You just stand in the darkness until you can’t endure it any long,
and then you move forward until you’re standing in the light.

~ Ahmir Questlove Thompson



Image found on Pinterest
Questlove by Kehinde Wiley


Wise Words: Letter to Awakening Humans

Happy Friday!

This week I have felt ever more deeply and compassionately for those on this journey into self. Into the awakening of self love. You may have noticed from my Love Gush post earlier in the week. ; ) It can be overwhelming, confusing and challenging. And, from my perspective, so worth it. Once again this week, I stumbled upon (in other words, synchronistically discovered) something that had been so helpful to me in the past. It gave me some peace of mind at a critical moment. It helped me know that I wasn’t alone. But it wasn’t a fluff piece. It stretched me. It reminded me of who I truly am. It asked that I step into my sovereignty.

I’m sharing it with you today. Before you jump in, I invite you to feel into it. Is this for you? Whatever you choose, I send my blessings.

Letter to Awakening Humans | Tobias channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe

So, when you’re ready, find a quiet spot, take a few deep breaths and begin.


Image by Jessica Sackett