No matter what potential you wish to take on or challenge you face, we can see more together.

Private sessions are just you, me, and the safe space we create together. The questions and answers all are within you. I’m simply a skilled and experienced guide for tapping into your deepest wisdom and translating your own valuable insights into the practical realms of day-to-day life.

Our time together can be free-form or focused, guided visualization or conversation, whatever serves you best. I trust that what shows up is what you’re ready for. To get the most of our time together, I recommend setting aside time before and after each session for reflection, integration, and self-care. I am happy to connect with you by phone or Skype — or even in person if you’re in the Madison area. And because I know that working together over time provides value for you (especially when it’s hardest to make that investment in yourself), I offer a 15% discount when you pre-pay for a block of four or more sessions.

  • Single private session (1 x 1 hour): $150
  • Four-session block (4 x 1 hour each): $510 (save $90)
  • Ten-session block (10 x 1 hour each): $1275 (save $225)

All sessions are pre-paid via PayPal, and your confidentiality is respected at all times.

CONTACT ME to schedule a session.