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Wise Words: Charlie Chaplin on Self Love

This is Charlie Chaplin at age 26, photographed 100 years ago. It’s believed he wrote the poem below at age 70.
As I began to love myself
I found that anguish and emotional suffering
are only warning signs that I was living
against my own truth.
Today, I know, this is Authenticity.
As I began to love myself
I understood how much it can offend somebody
if I try to force my desires on this person,
even though I knew the time was not right
and the person was not ready for it,
and even though this person was me.
Today I call this Respect.
As I began to love myself
I stopped craving for a different life,
and I could see that everything
that surrounded me
was inviting me to grow.
Today I call this Maturity.
As I began to love myself
I understood that at any circumstance,
I am in the right place at the right time,
and everything happens at the exactly right moment.
So I could be calm.
Today I call this Self-Confidence.
As I began to love myself
I quit stealing my own time,
and I stopped designing huge projects
for the future.
Today, I only do what brings me joy and happiness,
things I love to do and that make my heart cheer,
and I do them in my own way
and in my own rhythm.
Today I call this Simplicity.
As I began to love myself
I freed myself of anything
that is no good for my health –
food, people, things, situations,
and everything that drew me down
and away from myself.
At first I called this attitude a healthy egoism.
Today I know it is Love of Oneself.
As I began to love myself
I quit trying to always be right,
and ever since
I was wrong less of the time.
Today I discovered that is Modesty.
As I began to love myself
I refused to go on living in the past
and worrying about the future.
Now, I only live for the moment,
where everything is happening.
Today I live each day,
day by day,
and I call it Fulfillment.
As I began to love myself
I recognized
that my mind can disturb me
and it can make me sick.
But as I connected it to my heart,
my mind became a valuable ally.
Today I call this connection Wisdom of the Heart.
We no longer need to fear arguments,
confrontations or any kind of problems
with ourselves or others.
Even stars collide,
and out of their crashing, new worlds are born.
Today I know: This is Life!
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Wise Words: Your Body

Dear ones,
This insight was too good not to share.

May you be in awareness,


I wonder if you know, the work your body has done today. And every day. How much disease it has fought off. How many times it could have failed but battled on, how many ways it could have broken but did not.

I wonder if you know, the work your body has done today. And every day. And each day it has done this amazing job, without your help, without your approval, your acceptance, your kindness.

Each day it has soldiered on, regardless of the constant stream of negativity, pulsing its way from your brain to your cells. Not good enough. Not attractive enough. Not the right shape.

Perhaps it’s time to see your body for what is truly is, An amazing and mind-blowingly competent machine. To get your soul to where it needs to be in this life. To let you live.

I wonder if you know, how much better you would be as a team.

I wonder.


by Donna Ashworth from ‘I wish I Knew’

Art by The Ronald West Gallery

Wise Words: Releasing Patterns

The truth will set you free.

But first, it will annoy you, confuse you, piss you off and disrupt your life.

Believe it or not, that’s the good news.

Coming into awareness of the truth, of who you truly are, and just as importantly, who you are not, what’s yours and what’s not yours, ultimately opening your eyes to your sovereignty, will set you free.

Simply put it IS freedom.

In order to live as your authentic self you’ve got to see clearly the patterns and perspectives that no longer serve you and no longer align with you, letting them break apart, dissolve and clear. You don’t have to process them to death. That only makes them stick. Just take a deep breath. Thank them for the wisdom and experience they gave you. Choose to let it all go and then do. Simply release them.

In the wake of your clarity and heartfelt choice, you will experience change. The changes will be at multiple levels and layers, including, mentally, physically and emotionally. Allow the structures and patterns of the old ways to topple and fall so that the true you can emerge and become real in your life. Some days this will not be easy. You may curse me and you for choosing to begin this process. But you have called for it. It is happening as it should. Not because of fate or destiny or karma, but because a deep longing in your heart. You, the creator that you are, said, “I know there is more! Bring it on!”

I’m certainly not promising sunshine and rainbows. Personal awareness and growth can be disruptive, intense, and dramatic. Things can feel like they’re getting worse, before they feel like they’re improving. But, even that depends on your perspective. If you see things as if nothing is wrong, rather everything is happening for a reason, your experience will be smoother and easier. What I can promise is that you’ll ultimately feel and be freer and more authentic than ever before. And isn’t that worth some discomfort? It was for me!

In the beginning, it takes a while to see things differently, to see beyond the patterns. Even when you WANT to see, clarity may still elude you a bit. These are layers upon layers you’re dealing with, years in the making. It requires the trust of self to hear the doubts and move forward anyway. Take heart. Once you become aware of something, you can never become unaware.  And a huge percentage of personal growth work is awareness.

This work is not formulaic. We each have our own unique experience. That said there are some commonalities. Change is certain. You’re making fundamental shifts which will affect yourself and others close to you. Your priorities, your relationships, how you interact with the world, your energy level, and your mood may all shift and change. The path of conscious transformation isn’t a straight line starting at point A and ending at point Z. It’s more like a spiral staircase, possibly giving you an unsettling feeling of déjà vu. Or, even causing you to feel discouraged because you feel you are back where you started or at some earlier point on your path. Indeed not. You’re simply opening to a layer requiring greater insight and awareness. Can you see it as an opportunity for greater wisdom? As you do the work, you’ll most likely peak and plateau. You may feel wobbly and uncertain, like the ground beneath you is shifting. All of this is normal. Please know that it’s part of the process.

I know it from personal experience that it would feel worse, if nothing were changing, if you continued to feel stuck in old patterns you are saying “no more” to. The less you resist, the easier the experience will be. Resistance causes friction and pain in the mind and body. I speak from experience. The more I got into a place of deep trust of Self, the smoother things went. It definitely takes practice. It takes discipline. But it can be done. Remember to be gentle and compassionate with yourself. Do the things that support self care. Any discomfort you experience will pass. Try not to judge yourself.

For now, take a good deep breath and give yourself credit for taking conscious steps into awareness of the grander You. I predict that when you look back on this time you have chosen for awareness and transformation and you will consider even the toughest of times as precious.

Remember, you called for this change, this freedom. Hurrah! Now comes the time to dive deep into self, clearing and releasing all that is no longer yours, making way for the true you to emerge and be present in your life.

May this grand and unprecedented time of transformation serve you gracefully. I add my Light, compassion and blessings to your grand and beautiful journey.

Wise Words: My Journey into Self Love

Self love. Easy to say. And yet the hardest thing in the world for humans to do.

My Journey

At some point along the way, I got crystal clear that I was going to do whatever it took to love myself and absolutely accept myself. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. Vitally important to me was this deep compelling that I not set any conditions on that love. My observation is that so many hold off loving self or accepting self until they meet some arbitrary expectation or goal. It is part of modern life. Articles, blogs, media, all blasting messages at you, conflicting messages, on this topic. So much distraction. So much confusion. So much and so many telling you who you should be or not be.

I knew that I was absolutely committed to the idea that I would love myself “now” not wait for “then”. (In fact, I’m on record with a few friends.) Admittedly, it was not an easy task. As I made that choice, the choice to love myself, accept myself, waves of issues and then insights began to reveal themselves to me. Each time a new batch came up I was being asked to discern for myself, what does love look like in this situation? What’s the most self loving thought or action? Another opportunity for rising and renewing my commitment, to answer the call from the heart, with a vigor that I’ve never known before…

I fully intend to love and accept myself, unconditionally. To be so self loving and so connected to my source and the truth of my own sovereignty that whatever happens in my life I will have the fortitude and courage and love to face whatever I am confronted with. To be committed to my well being over all else, of course, without harming others. To agree to follow my inner knowing as my true guide, forging a path for my new and true me, cultivating my inner strength, allowing my intuition to give me the next small step for the good of the whole, honoring the wisdom that reveals it’s sweetness to me each day. Knowing that my connection to self cannot be broken by culture, that I am no longer bound by those intellectual messages that judge and bind. Being so clear that the world is a better place when it is filled with love. And the only place I have influence and power over that is within my own sovereign I AM domain. 

It was during these moments of being caught short and then coming to a new awareness that I made my greatest discovery. I realized how many ways I’d been carrying “wrong” around for my whole life. When I began looking at my life as an observer, I could see more clearly how others see me. I could see through the eyes of my family and culture and religion, how “wrong” I was. The wrong size, the wrong spirituality, the wrong politics, the wrong career choices, the wrong sexuality, the wrong approach to living life. It was overwhelming. Before that, I had just been living as if I were wrong. And it wasn’t even mine, even though I had taken it on as if it were. I believed it as if it were my truth.

I was suddenly so clear that those thoughts weren’t mine. Those beliefs weren’t mine. Those perspectives and judgments weren’t mine.

The clarity revealed my truth, my beautiful journey, my gifts. What a perfect soul set up, for in the process of letting go of being wrong (years and years and layers and layers), I realized not only how “right” I am, but how I just don’t have to care about any other opinion. It just doesn’t matter. I am only responsible for me, my own domain. Not theirs’. They are responsible for their domain. When you experience self love, deep and true self love, absolute acceptance of self, all of the rest of it simply dissolves and falls away. It has no charge. It has no trigger. There’s nothing for it to stick to. Others can have opinions, but they don’t get a vote, they don’t have a say in my life. They have no authority. In the wake of that there is freedom. Absolute freedom. Freedom from the voices of culture and mass consciousness, freedom from the agendas of others, even those agendas dressed up as prayers, claimed to be made for you in the name of love.

Though justification isn’t necessary, I also discovered that it all had a reason for being. Every experience was perfect for the life I was here to live. The negative stuff, the challenges, the struggles, the tensions in relationships. All of it was part of the beautiful soul design, the bits and pieces that reveal insights and wisdom. I needed only to turn the kaleidoscope to have that perspective. To open my eyes and ears, take a deep breath and trust myself. It’s all such a beautiful experience, if you allow it to be. And of course, it’s much sweeter with so much of it in the rear view mirror!

Self Love in Practice

Self love is a choice. Every day. Until it’s just the way you are. At first it takes a little self discipline and practice, and then more practice. And then at some point it is the radiant light that shines out from within and cannot be dimmed.

We expect others to love us, love our bodies. But what about you? Do you ever gush love at your body? See it for the beautiful home where you reside? The Treasure it as the temple of your soul? Thank it for being the reliable vehicle that moves us around reliably and gracefully in your world?

We expect our lovers and partners to caress us, to be tender and affectionate, to nurture us, but what about you? Do you ever do that for yourself? Luxuriate in a warm bath…massage your feet with lotion…look lovingly at each part of your body and appreciate it’s beauty?

Self love is this and so much more. It’s catching those voices in your head at their games, the ones that bully and berate you. It’s putting your foot down once and for all, saying “No more! Enough is enough!” Self love is stopping the barrage of insults you hurl at yourself for how you look, how you behave, what you lack, how you’re not enough. I’m pretty sure you bristle at others’ judgement of you and that you would never accept someone else shouting hateful things at you or someone you love. Then, why do you allow it from yourself? Self love is looking upon yourself with the same compassionate and gentle eyes through which you see others.

Nurturing and caring for yourself are expressions of your love for you. There are so many demands on us. Things in this world can get pretty intense, at times. We get so wrapped up in our lives, we have a tendency to forget about ourselves. Even when we want to do what we would call “good” things for ourselves or our health, they can turn out to be so demanding, rigid, pushy, harsh.  I invite you to slow down … to take time …  to treat yourself. Being bold and courageous, choosing to put yourself first. Prioritizing spending time just you with you.  To fill yourself back up from the wellspring within. Relaxing. Rejuvenating. Balancing. Loving.

If you’re one who thinks of these things as selfish instead of self-full, and need a little extra incentive, then think of the beautiful model and example you’ll be for the people in your life. It doesn’t have to be a grand event, a trip to the spa.  It can simply be 15 minutes or an hour doing something for you, whatever suits you. Then, you can give yourself permission to work up to unabashed SELF-FULL-NESS!

We are sensual beings, SOIndulge your senses. What would please you? Here’s a few ideas to get your imagination going:

  • Try a new candle with your favorite scent.
  • Take some good deep breaths and relax, whenever, where ever.
  • Read a book by an author you love.
  • Buy some delicious chocolates to savor.
  • Listen to your favorite tunes and dance a little in your living room.
  • Find a beautiful and quiet place in nature to take a stroll.
  • Buy yourself a little bouquet of flowers for your bedside.
  • Let go of the “dietary should and shold nots” and eat a meal that tastes great to you.
  • Enjoy a soothing bath with bubbles or salts.
  • Sit in your favorite chair with a glass of lemonade or cup of tea.

Ahhhh… Are you ready?





mug shot self love by jessica sackett



Wise Words: What’s Going On?

Awakening. Transformation.

Sometimes things have to shake you up in order to wake you up. It’s happening to many in these unprecedented times. A jolt may be required to break the hypnosis, the old programming. To pop you out of the rut your wheels are stuck in, all so you can see, feel and experience something more. You know there’s something more. You’ve begun to feel it. You just can’t quite put your finger on it.

This transformation can’t be achieved through power or money…the things we’ve been taught to chase, desire. It’s natural. It’s within you. It is you. A grander version of you.

It’s ready to blossom. It whispers to you when you get quiet and still. Just as you’re falling asleep. Or when you wake up on days you can linger in bed instead of responding to the alarm.

It can be difficult to let go of the old story, but if you’re reading this, it’s probably time. Can you allow it?

The turmoil in your life may be a struggle with a relationship or something that has gone awry in your career. Maybe you’ve had a health scare or you wake up with anxiety day after day. Whatever it is, it’s getting your attention.

Sick and tired of the situation? That’s the good news. It’s all just signaling you’re ready for a change…ready for conscious transformation.

Awareness that you’re at a crossroads.

Are you going to keep doing things the same way, the old way? Or are you going to take a new approach?

You’ve heard the definition of insanity…Einstein is quoted as saying that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.

Your life (the bigger part of you, really) will keep talking to you until it gets your attention. First it throws a pebble to get your attention. If there’s no response, it’s patient, it’ll try again with a stone, then a brick, then things start to get a bit dicey.  I encourage you to listen well and respond early! I invite you to begin trusting yourself. Isn’t it time?


May you be in awareness,




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Wise Words: You Are the Point

You are the point.
I am the point.
Each and everyone of us is the point.

The point of existence.
The point of awareness.
The point of creating.
The point of receiving.

You are the point.

The point of presence.
The point of Light.
The point of attraction.
The point of Life.

You are the point.

The point of love.
The point of compassion.
The point of wisdom.
The point of connection.

You are the point.

It begins with you.
It ends with you.
The brilliantly, beautiful point.




[Originally posted Mar 25, 2016]

Inspired by Adamus Saint-Germain and Shaumbra
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Wise Words: The Past Is Present

[Originally posted 02-06-2015]

As I’ve stated before, for many people, the past isn’t really the past, it isn’t history. It is the present. When there is an emotional wound or unresolved issue, it lives in the present moment. The original hurt, trauma or fear gets recreated and repeated. Essentially it’s relived again and again in one’s current life. It shows up in relationships, at home and at work. There it is. The past is [the] present.

You’ve heard the phrase “same shit, different day.”

The physics of it are simple. You magnetize to you a match to what is active within you, what you believe, what you focus on. Energy begets energy. These simple truths largely shape your reality.

Here’s another…


Recently my laptop went blank and then would not restart. Mercury is in retrograde after all. I tried a few tricks, but knew what I really needed to do was just pull the battery and begin again. It always worked with my old laptop. I was hesitant, however, because I had tried to pull the battery on this computer, but couldn’t figure out how to do it and had given up. To repeat that felt silly. Plus, the need to get at something on my computer, fairly quickly, was making me more determined.

I retrieved my folder containing all of the laptop information. There wasn’t much there, but all I needed was information on how to remove the battery. I opened the thin 3 page pamphlet which showed a few illustrations and even fewer words. But there it was. Once I saw it, it was so easy. And in this one sentence the profane becomes the profound. Once I saw it…that’s the key. Perception or perspective is reality.

What was impossible (removing the battery) suddenly became possible (removing the battery). The problem was that I kept looking at my new computer as if it were my old computer. I could only see how to remove the battery the old way. I wanted it to work the old way. And that was impossible. This computer didn’t work like that. So I couldn’t see the solution.

How often do we approach problems, issues, relationships in just this way? And in so doing, drag the past right into the present?

And so we stay stuck in the past…in the present….


Precious Story

We all have our stories we like to tell. Feel compelled to tell. Can’t help telling. Tell over and over again. Indeed, that was my history. I had stories that I would tell everyone. I couldn’t help myself. Everyone had to know my stories. I clung to them like a child clings to her blanket. They were precious to me. I took them on as my identity. I proudly claimed them as my own. I expanded them, embroidered them, cherished them.

Somewhere along my journey I had the eyes to see this habit. I became the observer of them. I developed the ability to stand back and see myself. I could see/feel the need to tell the story building within me. See myself telling the story. See people reacting, in a wide range of ways, to my story. Soon they didn’t feel so much like “my” story but “a” story.

In the end, it was clear that I had to explore the stories. One at a time, I delved into their origins, got at the roots. I feasted on them in order to know myself and just as much to know who I was not, or was no longer. I discovered, over a long period of time, that in the beginning, telling the story, knowing what happened in the past was filling a need. A coping mechanism. It was a way to own it, claim it, open my eyes to my experiences, rather than be in it with eyes closed, at the mercy of it. Telling the story felt powerful. It revealed a new level of truth to me. So, too, when that need is filled it’s time to let it go. I was not. I was reliving it over and over. I was propping up my identity with it. The story became stuck. I was now a victim to the story. What was once precious was now my prison.

Eventually I had to choose the compassionate way. To see, to feel, to know the past with clarity. Eyes and heart wide open. Glean the wisdom. And then let the story go. Stories can change. Or end. Truly.

As Adamus says, “The past isn’t what you think it is.” I now know things are always more than they seem. Multi-layered. Multi-faceted. Many perspectives. It is up to us to receive the wisdom and release the rest. Release the details, release the minutia. Give it its freedom, allowing it all to serve us. Where the past, history, our stories are concerned, there is a fine line between wisdom and wallow.

Where once we were victim, we now are wise.

Where once we were weak, we now are strong.

Where once we looked outside of ourselves, we now look within.

Where once we sought, now we know.

Want to see this in action? Watch the movie Groundhog Day. You can see Bill Murray’s character wake up and begin to rewrite his story. He’s self-serving and manipulative at first, but then real personal transformation takes hold. So beautiful!


Playing with the Past

If the past is just a story, really, one version of how things happened, then can’t we consider it somehow fluid? Couldn’t we play with it? I have used this idea on a number of occasions to overcome a pain from the past. You can rewrite history or rewrite your story. Here’s the gist…

When something from your past causes some concern for you…guilt, hurt, frustration, stuckness…rewrite it. Take this bit of history that has plagued you and turn it into something pleasant, empowering, or productive, whatever you choose. You’re the creator.

Try it for yourself…

Find a comfortable, quiet spot. A place where you feel safe, supported. I like to make a cup of tea, grab a soft throw and sit on my couch. Relax. Take some good deep breaths. Clear your mind of the day’s duties. Then conjure up the memories. Tell yourself the story. Remind yourself of the details. Feel all of the feelings that go with it. Sit with that for a bit.

Now, give yourself permission to rewrite that story. Take a deep breath. Loosen the grip you have on the old version. Allow yourself to go beyond the mind, beyond the old story. Begin to get clear about how you want it to go in this new version. Imagine the details. How would you want to feel? What do you want to experience? What is the outcome you prefer?

If this is challenging, you might try a tactic I use to help me get clear. I imagine the story as a photo snapshot. I’m very visual, so I give the story a picture. Then I imagine that picture on a chalkboard or a white board. And then I erase it. I just wipe it away. Simple? Works for me.

Once you have a sense of the new story, take a deep breath and dive into it. Let yourself feel it as if it is real. Picture it. Hear it. Walk through it. Live it in your imagination. Feel it in your body. Experience it.

Take a deep breath.

Congratulations! You’ve just rewritten history.

Wait…what’s that I hear???

Are the doubts coming in? Are you questioning it?

OK…here’s what I know…

Your perception is reality.

You’re the creator.

Everything is energy. [Except you. You are a sovereign souled being.]

This is all a very real, very important illusion.


You have just shifted old potentials, cleared out old energies that no longer serve you, and allowed new potentials to come into your reality.

If you allow it to be so, then it is.


Can you allow it? Can you put those doubts in their proper place…tell them to sit down and shut up?

It’s up to you.

What do you have to lose?

…nothing but your old worn out stories.

Watch what happens. You might be surprised.

This is when it starts getting fun! That’s why I call it playing with the past…not working.

Now, in the wise words of EN VOGUE from their 1992 hit song:

“Free your mind and the rest will follow.”



Wise Words: I Am My Own Authority

A wise one (Tobias) once said that when you distill it all down to its simplest form, every personal issue humans have can be summed up with the question:

How are you giving your power away?

I actually think it’s more like you not claiming your own authority over yourself and your own domain and the result is that there’s a “power vacuum” and you end up, by habit, default or whatever else is effecting you, giving your authority over to another. Whew…I need to take a deep breath after that mouthful!

It can happen in so many ways! Loud and obvious ways. Quiet, subtle or even insidious ways. We give it without being aware. We give it away beging fully aware. We give it out of fear or habit or deference. We give it willingly. We give it out of guilt or shame. We give it to family members, friends, religious leaders and governments, to name a few. Even the mean lady at the grocery store checkout. If you’re like me, once you start looking, you’ll be shocked and maybe a little saddened how often it happens.

It was startling to me when I was first presented with this concept, because up to that point it did seem like others had an authority or power over me or a part of me or my life. It felt certain that they were right that they had a say in my life, my choices. Of course. Duh. Parents, teachers, coaches, bosses, pastors…the list goes on. And then that moment of really thinking about what it means. Wait. What??? No! You’re not the boss of me! So, what? That means…what? I am? Yeah! I am! I’m the creator of my life. I am sovereign. I am not a victim. I say. I choose. I create. I reap what I sow. Rewards and lessons. I AM THAT I AM! Damn it.

What a concept! The idea that you create your life. You are sovereign. You are your own authority, your own counsel. People give it lip service. There are nice quotes and posters hanging on walls in offices and bedrooms and on Pinterest. But think about it. Feel into it. Ask yourself, who is in charge of you and your life? Really. Who? You may have just realized it isn’t you. You were putting your power elsewhere. But the answer is YOU! Feel into it. It’s true. There is lots and lots in our world to distract from this idea. There are many people who would prefer you not step into your own power and authority. I won’t go into that, but it is absolutely in your best interest to claim your creatorship. Do you really want others making decisions for you? In essence that’s what’s happening when you’re not in charge of your life. All I have to do is spend a bit of time on Facebook to know I don’t want “those folks” (whoever it may be) running my life!!! What do they say? Not my circus. Not my monkeys.

I am my own authority!

When I realized this was true, it was like the floodgates had opened during a monsoon! Excitement, fear, passion, hesitation, energies and emotions of all kinds, mixed and surged through me. In a split second I felt like I was overtaken by a huge wave, lifted off my feet, tumbled around, tossed onto the shore, not knowing which way was up. It took a moment to catch my breath and pull my shirt down and my pants up. ; ) It took another moment to make sure I was still in one piece, no broken bits. And yet several more moments to realize I had a whole new reality to understand, get used to and master.

It has taken years to get where I am. And there are moments when it feels like yet another layer has been peeled away, revealing wisdom and simplicity. Revealing compassion for me…and humanity.

As I write this, I feel a rush of excitement just thinking about the implications of this notion: I AM THAT I AM. I am sovereign. I am the point of creation of my life. The point of receiving. The point of presence. The point of expression. It all happens right here, right now. And is ever expanding, ever flowing. Non-stop. EVERYTHING comes from within. There is no need to reach out for it. Feed off others. Manipulate, cajole or please for it. It all comes from within. And, if you allow it, it comes to you. Without force. There’s no need to fight for it. It simply comes to you.

Sure, I can pinch off the flow and play in the story of darkness, the separateness, the fear. It’s all just an act of consciousness (to borrow from Adamus). It’s my choice. By default or intention. Because not to choose is also to choose. But it is not my/your/our natural state. And all things seek resolution. Things can only be unnatural, out of balance for so long. Eventually, after moments or lifetimes, it will right itself, come back into unity, become what’s natural once again.

The flow of that good feeling of knowingness rushing through me is delicious. Sensual. So real and true. That feeling of being centered within Self. Absolute clarity within me. Knowing that all truly is well. Ready for all of my creations to come to me. Breathing with them and allowing them to return home. To the point where they began. Me! The place where the spark of inspiration fired off shooting rockets of desire or intention or passion (to draw from Abraham-Hicks). Me! Soaring off to gather the energies and resources and people and appropriate timing and whatever is necessary for the creation to realize. So it can come back to me! The one who’s job it is to just know and trust and not doubt that it will return in its highest expression…if I allow it.

So I ask you…how are you giving your power away? And doesn’t this, what I describe, sound like way more fun?! Can you be so bold? Do you dare?

My suggestion:  Claim it!

Na Pali Coast, Kauai

Edited version | Original post, March 2015

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Photo of Na Pali Coast, Kauai

Wise Words: Sacred Exhaustion

With all that is going on in the world, it is easy to feel worn out mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. If you’re like me, time alone isn’t a luxury anymore, it’s a necessity. Time alone to feel only my own energies, think my own thoughts, experience my own emotions. To simply clear away all that isn’t mine.

This felt like a good time to re-post about this phenomenon. Months ago, a friend posted on social media, claiming loudly, strongly, clearly, powerfully, that she is just going to go at her own pace. Upon reading this, I burst into tears. Something resonated so deeply about the words, the ideas, the knowingness buried deep within me, like a lost treasure. It’s a piece written by Jeff Foster. Does it resonate with you?



Your tiredness has dignity to it!
Do not rush to pathologise it, or push it away, for it may contain great intelligence, even medicine.
You have been on a long journey from the stars, friend.
Bow before your tiredness now; do not fight it any longer.
There is no shame in admitting that you cannot go on.
Even the courageous need to rest.
For a great journey lies ahead.
And you will need all of your resources.
Come, sit by the fire of Presence.
Let the body unwind; drop into the silence here.
Forget about tomorrow, let go of the journey to come, and sink into this evening’s warmth.
Every great adventure is fuelled by rest at its heart.
Your tiredness is noble, friend, and contains healing power… if you would only listen.


I will allow myself to go at my own pace! How about you?






Image found on Pinterest
L.M. Ragland photo via dyingofcute.tumblr.com