I am so grateful to have chosen to make an investment in myself through Jessica’s coaching. I have discovered (and uncovered) so many things about myself in a short period of time. Jessica provided me with some valuable ‘life tools’ that I have used and will continue to use from this point going forward! I would highly recommend working with Jessica no matter what reason(s) you have in your life to utilize the services of a coach!
~Michelle F., Staff Recruitment/Health Care Industry

We worked with Jessica Sackett through her life coaching sessions. We attended sessions both individually and as a couple and found Jessica to be forthcoming and perceptive, enthusiastic and engaging. Our lives were in transition when we met with her. Her sagacity and perceptive skills helped us work through our life changes.
~Ron P. and Sharon B.

With the help of my personal coach I have been able to achieve several goals in a very short time, such as buying a home, establishing an intimate relationship and taking greater responsibility for creating the life that I want.
~Kathy K., IT Manager

Jessica, It’s more than the words you say. It’s the energy behind the words and the feelings…joy, compassion, love, healing, transformation…that they take with them out the door.
~Mary, Chiropractor

I told Jessica about my desire to write my play, and she challenged me to take a playwriting course and make my dream real. I did- and the play I wrote was great! Even though it was only a ten-minute play, my professor recommended I enter it in a contest. Jessica saw my desire to write and enthusiasm for my ideas, and encouraged me to “follow my bliss”- now I’m a beginning playwright! Thanks, Jessica!
~ Kara, Writer/Editor

For the last two years Jessica has provided mental training and conditioning to our boys swim team.
While the boys are able to physically prepare for their final meets, she was able to teach the boys how to calm themselves when in chaotic situations and how to find a sense of confidence in themselves.
With her help the boys were able to put aside the stresses of being a student athlete and focus on their goals, visualize their swims and trust in their abilities.
All of which is vital as a competitor at this level.
She was a valuable asset to out taper program and I look forward to utilizing her services for years to come.
~ Kelly Chadesh, Coach, Monona Grove Boys Swim Team, 2013 State Champions

I approached Jessica to create a “Sisters Retreat Weekend” for the women in my family. I knew I wanted something different and special. We’re all facing different life challenges, but I knew Jessica could do her “special stuff” for us. What a success! It was a relaxing, clarifying, insightful and fun experience for us all. Jessica, as our retreat facilitator, was perfect. We still talk about that wonderful weekend and how special the whole experience with Jessica was.
Thank you for such a divine experience, Jessica!
~ Denise C.

Jessica Sackett is amazingly insightful — a consummate communicator and a true life coach.

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