Hi, I’m Jessica Sackett

I ‘m a guide, not a guru. The difference is in where you place your power – and I will always ask you to place your power in yourself. I’ve completed a coaching program (Coach U) and received a variety of certifications. I have years of experience (buyer for Nordstrom, corporate trainer for David’s Bridal, outreach specialist for University of Wisconsin-Madison, entrepreneur). I have a unique set of skills and experiences, but more importantly, I’m someone who’s done the work for myself, on myself, and can make the way simpler and more efficient for others (if they so choose).

As I’ve learned — sometimes the hard way — philosophy, theory and wisdom are only as good as their practical and effective application in daily life. I’ve attended workshops, learned a variety of modalities, and read so many of the books and material available on personal growth and awakening the consciousness. It is my ability to distill and clarify all of this potent information into simple yet powerful truths that serve me and my clients so well.

Photo Credit: Chad Becker