Art in Bloom 2017!

The beautiful tradition I’ve created with my mom continued this year…Art in Bloom at the Milwaukee Art Museum! The event was amazing this year. More than any other year, we had a hard timing limiting our vote to just one. And unlike every other year our tastes were in line with the judges. Most of our favorites won! Well done to all who participated!

As a bonus I got to see a Kehinde Wiley painting up close! Those of you who have followed my blog for awhile know he’s one of my favorite artist, whom I’ve featured several times. What a treat!

The beauty, color and designs that are exquisite when experienced in person really pale when viewed in a photo (especially one taken by me), but here’s a glimpse. Enjoy!


All photos by Jessica Sackett






  1. You are so blessed not only to have your mama around to enjoy, but to have this yearly ritual, like your own Beauty Break! Thank you so much for sharing that exhibit. It looks awesome!


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