Wise Words: I Am My Own Authority

A wise one (Tobias) once said that when you distill it all down to its simplest form, every personal issue humans have can be summed up with the question:

How are you giving your power away?

I actually think it’s more like you not claiming your own authority over yourself and your own domain and the result is that there’s a “power vacuum” and you end up, by habit, default or whatever else is effecting you, giving your authority over to another. Whew…I need to take a deep breath after that mouthful!

It can happen in so many ways! Loud and obvious ways. Quiet, subtle or even insidious ways. We give it without being aware. We give it away beging fully aware. We give it out of fear or habit or deference. We give it willingly. We give it out of guilt or shame. We give it to family members, friends, religious leaders and governments, to name a few. Even the mean lady at the grocery store checkout. If you’re like me, once you start looking, you’ll be shocked and maybe a little saddened how often it happens.

It was startling to me when I was first presented with this concept, because up to that point it did seem like others had an authority or power over me or a part of me or my life. It felt certain that they were right that they had a say in my life, my choices. Of course. Duh. Parents, teachers, coaches, bosses, pastors…the list goes on. And then that moment of really thinking about what it means. Wait. What??? No! You’re not the boss of me! So, what? That means…what? I am? Yeah! I am! I’m the creator of my life. I am sovereign. I am not a victim. I say. I choose. I create. I reap what I sow. Rewards and lessons. I AM THAT I AM! Damn it.

What a concept! The idea that you create your life. You are sovereign. You are your own authority, your own counsel. People give it lip service. There are nice quotes and posters hanging on walls in offices and bedrooms and on Pinterest. But think about it. Feel into it. Ask yourself, who is in charge of you and your life? Really. Who? You may have just realized it isn’t you. You were putting your power elsewhere. But the answer is YOU! Feel into it. It’s true. There is lots and lots in our world to distract from this idea. There are many people who would prefer you not step into your own power and authority. I won’t go into that, but it is absolutely in your best interest to claim your creatorship. Do you really want others making decisions for you? In essence that’s what’s happening when you’re not in charge of your life. All I have to do is spend a bit of time on Facebook to know I don’t want “those folks” (whoever it may be) running my life!!! What do they say? Not my circus. Not my monkeys.

I am my own authority!

When I realized this was true, it was like the floodgates had opened during a monsoon! Excitement, fear, passion, hesitation, energies and emotions of all kinds, mixed and surged through me. In a split second I felt like I was overtaken by a huge wave, lifted off my feet, tumbled around, tossed onto the shore, not knowing which way was up. It took a moment to catch my breath and pull my shirt down and my pants up. ; ) It took another moment to make sure I was still in one piece, no broken bits. And yet several more moments to realize I had a whole new reality to understand, get used to and master.

It has taken years to get where I am. And there are moments when it feels like yet another layer has been peeled away, revealing wisdom and simplicity. Revealing compassion for me…and humanity.

As I write this, I feel a rush of excitement just thinking about the implications of this notion: I AM THAT I AM. I am sovereign. I am the point of creation of my life. The point of receiving. The point of presence. The point of expression. It all happens right here, right now. And is ever expanding, ever flowing. Non-stop. EVERYTHING comes from within. There is no need to reach out for it. Feed off others. Manipulate, cajole or please for it. It all comes from within. And, if you allow it, it comes to you. Without force. There’s no need to fight for it. It simply comes to you.

Sure, I can pinch off the flow and play in the story of darkness, the separateness, the fear. It’s all just an act of consciousness (to borrow from Adamus). It’s my choice. By default or intention. Because not to choose is also to choose. But it is not my/your/our natural state. And all things seek resolution. Things can only be unnatural, out of balance for so long. Eventually, after moments or lifetimes, it will right itself, come back into unity, become what’s natural once again.

The flow of that good feeling of knowingness rushing through me is delicious. Sensual. So real and true. That feeling of being centered within Self. Absolute clarity within me. Knowing that all truly is well. Ready for all of my creations to come to me. Breathing with them and allowing them to return home. To the point where they began. Me! The place where the spark of inspiration fired off shooting rockets of desire or intention or passion (to draw from Abraham-Hicks). Me! Soaring off to gather the energies and resources and people and appropriate timing and whatever is necessary for the creation to realize. So it can come back to me! The one who’s job it is to just know and trust and not doubt that it will return in its highest expression…if I allow it.

So I ask you…how are you giving your power away? And doesn’t this, what I describe, sound like way more fun?! Can you be so bold? Do you dare?

My suggestion:  Claim it!

Na Pali Coast, Kauai

Edited version | Original post, March 2015

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Photo of Na Pali Coast, Kauai


  1. Thank you for this. It is such a good reminder in these day and age of so much fear.

    I always was told by some other wise ones that fear is just emotion. Neither good nor bad. That when the polar bear is chasing us, it is fear that makes us run. Right now, it seems like the entire world is being triggered into fear. There is not one client of mine, myself included, who is not experiencing anxiety attacks.

    But even those are of our own greater making. Meaning, I would not consciously decide to have a panic attack, but my greater self, which is creating it all, must have a good reason to bring these abscessed emotions to the surface.

    I was recently at Standing Rock while the veterans were there. One of the spiritual leaders was inviting them into the sweat lodges in order to cleanse. She talked about the best cleansings are when the snot is running all over your face from crying, you are throwing up from releasing all this deeply embedded PTSD. Good stuff!

    My journey right now is into the conditions wherein I create rejection in the outer world, and then keep going right into it! Like banging my head against the wall! What great lessons I will learn as I claim my sovereignty.

    Thanks again for the blog. I try to visit every day and need this Beauty Break! love you!

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  2. This was wonderful to read Jessica! It was liberating when I truly understood that I AM – and ultimately everything comes from Me –
    “I’m the creator of my life. I am sovereign. I am not a victim. I say. I choose. I create. I reap what I sow.”
    Another liberating truth I realised was that I create my emotions; no-one else but I am responsible for them, and in turn, I am not responsible for the emotions of others: they are.
    All my relationships shifted for the better when I approached them from that truth.

    Thank you for sharing; it can be hard to get to this point of understanding, that each individual actually creates their own reality, and this should be a celebration 🙂


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