In Beauty, I Walk

Today is the memorial for my beloved friend, Mary. I was blessed to know her and love her my entire life. Her influence can be seen and felt throughout the living, sacred space that is this blog and the beauty held within. Thank you to my dear friend, Barb, who walked with Mary to the end of her life, and honors that life today with the memorial she created for her. As friends and family gather, I hold you in my heart, Barb.

Mary’s favorite author was Tony Hillerman. He transcribed the Navajo chant below, which will be read at the gathering today.


The Night Chant

In beauty, happily I walk.
With beauty before me I walk.
With beauty behind me I walk.
With beauty below me I walk.
With beauty above me I walk.
With beauty all around me I walk.
It is finished again in beauty.
It is finished in beauty.


Peace be with you, Mary. And to us all, for all is well in all of creation.



Photo of Mary and Jack’s cactus flower by Barb Quijada




  1. What a beautiful tribute to an amazing woman, dear Jessica. I felt so fortunate to know Mary, even to a much smaller degree. She was a powerful force of life and is missed. Blessings for a beautiful memorial tribute.


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