Wise Words: The Age of Self

This is the age of self.
A time for one to realize and to become who they are.
In the truest sence.
It is the time to be self-full.
Not selfish in the way that others taught you.
Rather in the best, purest, highest sense.

This is the age of self, for those who are ready.
To fully allow the free self.
To let go of limits and predispositions, things that hold you back.
This is the time to set yourself free.
To put down the baggage that you carry.
For if it is a burden, it is not yours.

This is the age of self, a time of freedom.
A time to birth the creator that you are.
Coming into your own being.
Beholden to no one, no thing.
Allowing your sovereignty to come to life.
Radiating your truest self.

In the deepest part of you there is a knowingness.
A deep desire to return to self, the I AM, the I exist.
That deep desire to hear your voice without all of the others
Over the voices of others.
A deep desire to identify your self as yourself.

This is the age of self.

~ Jessica Sackett


Inspired by the Adamus and Tobias materials
Unknown empress, Roman statue (marble, porphyry), 2nd century AD, (Musée du Louvre, Paris).


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