Wise Words: It’s heating up!

Hello All!
I don’t know about your week, but as I drove in traffic, spoke with people on the phone and stood in line at the grocery store, I was very aware that it’s heating up on Planet Earth. You can see it, hear it and feel it. It’s heating up in the news. Escalating at work. Ramping up in relationships. It is becoming unavoidable.

Intensity = Inner growth

From my perspective this is an incredible opportunity to do the (inner growth) work. Everything points to it. The squeeze. The pressures. It’s intense for a reason. A large, yet regularly ignored, part of you is crying out for you to do the work, to bring these things that are causing pain and pressure into awareness. To be seen, acknowledged and allowed to find resolution. It’s natural. The unnatural thing is ignoring, resisting, denying and hiding. Putting it off only means what we have to face later will be harder. The more we avoid our issues, the louder and bigger and more complicated they get.

If you’re ready to dig in, here are a few past posts to support you in getting a good, strong start:

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What to Expect, Part 1

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An Invitation

There are resources everywhere. Ask and they will show up! I’m one. Looking for someone to help guide you through it all? Contact me. Remember:  It doesn’t matter how you begin. Just that you begin.

To quote Aristotle:

It takes great courage and inner strength to change from what is known and comfortable to something which is new and fresh. That which is unknown often contains our greatest potential. To step courageously from the old ways and habits into new directions and endeavors will bring great favor.

I’m sending blessings as you take that step!


Header Image:  The Inner Growth by Andre Ferrella | Evolutionary Artist of the Spirit


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