Wise Words: In or Out?

Are you focused out? Or are you focused in?

I recently reread an article written by Jean Tinder, a writer and part of the Crimson Circle staff. It caused me to reconnect with an experience I’ve had repeatedly on my own journey and inspired me to share it with you today. Thank you Jean for capturing it so beautifully and expressing it so clearly! The following is a short version of her article and a blending of our words, thoughts and experiences.

You know that feeling you get when you know something, but suddenly you really “get it”? I’ve discovered when this happens for me, the information goes from just being mental to something I fully embody. It’s moved out of the mind into experience. It’s gone from data to wisdom. That’s how I felt reading Jean’s article. So I invite you to feel into this and try it out for yourself, not simply as a nice idea or concept, but as an experience.

Where am I putting my focus?

As you read this and take the words and concepts into your awareness, into your reality, they come in with a lot of other energies and information, whether you realize it or not. Sit for a minute, take a deep breath and notice whatever is there in your reality. What’s affecting you, including thoughts, sounds, surroundings, energies, people, conditions and situations in your life? Don’t filter or try to manage anything. Just become aware of what you’re already tuned in to and therefore experiencing.

Now take a deep breath. Shift your point of awareness or consciousness. Imagine that your deep breath lights you up. Your breath is fanning a flame within you at your core. As you brighten, your radiance shines outward into your reality. Don’t have an agenda about it. You’re not trying to change or affect anything. It’s just you expressing your radiance or light into your reality, into the world.

Can you feel the difference between shining energy out versus bringing energy in?

Let’s do it again. Take another deep breath. Now shift your awareness back to what’s coming at you from the outside. There’s a lot. It probably feels familiar. If you’re new to the experience of sensing and feeling in this way, it may feel a bit overwhelming. It’s just energy. It can just flow right through. Notice how it also can easily distract you or pull you off your focus or center.

The breath is always a great way, easy and efficient, to bring yourself back to you, back to this present moment. This is where everything is – right here, right now. This is where you live, breathe, create, receive, give. In the Now moment. In the present. It’s vitally important to be aware of that fact.

Now take another deep breath and shift back to radiating from within. Stay out of your head with this. There’s nothing to do or figure out. Just allow yourself to relax and radiate that light within. Allow and feel. It may feel like a glow or warmth in the space between your heart and your solar plexus. I often have images of a sun that sits right there and just can’t help but shine its rays. Again, no doing, just allowing. Notice the difference as you shift your point of consciousness. What’s the feeling or sensation in your body?

It’s very easy and very seductive to allow “out there” to influence how we think, feel and experience our lives. It’s what we’ve always done. I still forget, more often than I’d like. But it’s getting easier to remember.

When you feel overwhelmed or confused or anything other than centered in yourself, it’s because your attention, your point of awareness got pulled back to the outside. It’s how we’ve operated for eons of time, but it’s really nothing more than a habit. If you no longer wish to be affected or thrown off balance by energies, actions, people, food, thoughts, or anything else from ‘out there,’ simply shift back to your own point of consciousness and let that radiate. Express rather than absorb.

What’s holding your attention? Where’s your point of consciousness? It’s up to you. It’s your choice what kind of day you’re having or life you living. This is a simple thing but has practical application in our daily lives. You’re having a bad day. Great time to notice and re-choose. You’re feeling anxiety about an upcoming meeting or presentation. A shift in perspective will help support you. Stressed out in traffic. Perfect time to connect within.

It’s time to radiate rather than assimilate, to put our focus where it naturally belongs. It doesn’t take years of study and practice or a special set of words to invoke it. It only takes the conscious choice. As with all things, that’s where the power lies. You making a conscious choice.


golden sunset over the beach breakers David Morrison

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Footer Image:  Golden Sunset Over the Beach Breakers by David Morris 

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