Beauty Break: 02.26.15

In gathering images for my beloved Beauty Breaks, I sometimes discover an artist, new to me, and fall in love with their work. Today, I chose to feature the work of Luli (Lourdes) Sanchez. Reminds me of the fabrics I used when my mom taught me to sew…in the 70s.
Interested in seeing more of her prints?


Luli Sanchez 2 Luli Sanchez 12

blue jungle_luli sanchez luli sanchez blue

Luli Sanchez 11 Luli Sanchez 9

umbrellas_luli sanchez Luli Sanchez 5

Luli Sanchez 6 stick figures_luli sanchez

Luli Sanchez 10 Luli Sanchez 13

Luli Sanchez 7 park_luli sanchez

Images found on Pinterest

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