Month: January 2015

Beauty Break: 01.29.15

Fiery color. Passionate pattern. All that beauty makes my heart beat fast.


pomegranate arrangement kilim rugsandrea gentl.

art panels_Anahata Katkin

Gulf Islands Sunset_Tom Seliskar

Medicine by Klimt

moroccan door

chocolate cosmos Fire Bird_Leon Bakst costume design detail



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Header Image:  The Two Sisters by Theodore Chasseriau | detail by Peter Willi
Art panels by Anahata Katkin | Papaya Art, Inc.
Gulf Islands Sunset by Tom Seliskar
“Medicine” by Gustav Klimt (1862–1918) 

Still Life with Daylilies and Watermelon, 2004 by James Aponovich 
Fire Bird | Leon Bakst costume design detail

Beauty Break: 01.25.15

Purple symbolizes magic, mystery, spirituality, creativity, dignity and royalty. Artists are said to be partial to it. And it’s simply beautiful.


little vases

Chive buds 950 by horticultural art marsala roses

Pink Elderflowers

burgandy petals amy merrick flowers

Hellebore by Mandy Disher


variety of purple


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“Boreas” (1903), John William Waterhouse (British, 1849-1917). Oil on canvas.
Chive buds 950 by Horticultural Art
Pink and wine floral arrangement by Amy Merrick
Hellebore by Mandy Disher


Beauty Break: 01.24.15

These gloomy winter days require these sunny, bright images of floral beauty.

yellow desert flowers_Tom Seliskar

by timfalle via creature comforts faves


yellow joy via flickr

Bloemschikken | Flowers arranging, Boeket Narcissen | Bouquet Narcissus, NARCIS

Butterflies with Yellow Flowers by Tom Seliskar

Billy Balls by klausvonmersault


Desert Flowers and Flowers with Butterflies by Tom Seliskar
Remaining Images found on Pinterest
Header Image:  Mimosa Wreath by Mellow Stuff
Still Life Image:  by Tim Falle via creature comforts faves
Yellow Joy via flickr

Bouquet of Daffodils:  Bloemschikken | Flowers arranging, Boeket Narcissen | Bouquet Narcissus, NARCIS
Billy Balls by Klaus Vonmersault