Month: January 2015

Beauty Break: 01.29.15

Fiery color. Passionate pattern. All that beauty makes my heart beat fast.


pomegranate arrangement kilim rugsandrea gentl.

art panels_Anahata Katkin

Gulf Islands Sunset_Tom Seliskar

Medicine by Klimt

moroccan door

chocolate cosmos Fire Bird_Leon Bakst costume design detail



Images found on Pinterest
Header Image:  The Two Sisters by Theodore Chasseriau | detail by Peter Willi
Art panels by Anahata Katkin | Papaya Art, Inc.
Gulf Islands Sunset by Tom Seliskar
“Medicine” by Gustav Klimt (1862–1918) 

Still Life with Daylilies and Watermelon, 2004 by James Aponovich 
Fire Bird | Leon Bakst costume design detail

Beauty Break: 01.25.15

Purple symbolizes magic, mystery, spirituality, creativity, dignity and royalty. Artists are said to be partial to it. And it’s simply beautiful.


little vases

Chive buds 950 by horticultural art marsala roses

Pink Elderflowers

burgandy petals amy merrick flowers

Hellebore by Mandy Disher


variety of purple


Images found on Pinterest
“Boreas” (1903), John William Waterhouse (British, 1849-1917). Oil on canvas.
Chive buds 950 by Horticultural Art
Pink and wine floral arrangement by Amy Merrick
Hellebore by Mandy Disher


Beauty Break: 01.24.15

These gloomy winter days require these sunny, bright images of floral beauty.

yellow desert flowers_Tom Seliskar

by timfalle via creature comforts faves


yellow joy via flickr

Bloemschikken | Flowers arranging, Boeket Narcissen | Bouquet Narcissus, NARCIS

Butterflies with Yellow Flowers by Tom Seliskar

Billy Balls by klausvonmersault


Desert Flowers and Flowers with Butterflies by Tom Seliskar
Remaining Images found on Pinterest
Header Image:  Mimosa Wreath by Mellow Stuff
Still Life Image:  by Tim Falle via creature comforts faves
Yellow Joy via flickr

Bouquet of Daffodils:  Bloemschikken | Flowers arranging, Boeket Narcissen | Bouquet Narcissus, NARCIS
Billy Balls by Klaus Vonmersault

Wise Words: An Invitation

Today’s post is a bold one. I invite you to feel into it. Is it for you? If so, read on. If not, I’ll see you next time.


The world needs those who can be who they truly are. Period.

To be real. To be natural. To be you.

You are not broken. You don’t need fixing. But being real, does require each of us to let go of all that is false within us. To dissolve, release and clear all that is not ours.

This takes boldness and daring. It is not for the faint of heart. It requires becoming a swordless warrior.

Self love. Unconditional acceptance. Trust in self. You as the creator of your life. Claiming, enacting, living these truths…these are among the hardest things you’ll ever do. And yet this is the key to it all.

Focus is required. Commitment (to self) demanded. Fortitude a must.

This is not about self-improvement or the building up of your personality or your ego. It is about allowing yourself to be who you really are and to radiate that authenticity within and without. To let the truth of you come to the foreground and be realized in your life, as your way of life.

This is also not a theory. It is a shift in perception. It is an active, new and true view that must be put into daily practice until it becomes the natural way of being, which, ironically, IS the natural way of being. To no longer be trapped by the programming of culture and your past. To break free of those who have their own agenda, conscious or not. To no longer be distracted by the dramas in and around you. Dissolving illusions. Transcending the influence of the false voices in your head that are not yours or no longer are yours.

Sovereignty. Knowing your own truth. Trust in self. These are hallmarks of natural you, true you.

It takes courage to create a life based on this freedom. To let the inner truth become the outer truth. To be so compassionate, to self first, dare I say so lovingly connected to your own source and truth. No longer heeding the demands of external voices at your own expense. Allowing, instead, your own well-being at the heart of all decisions.

It takes discipline to weed out those parts of you that are hard on yourself, judging of self. To look with gentle eyes. To notice the patterns and habits that keep you stuck.

It takes fortitude to rise above your thoughts and see beyond. To halt the vicious, unloving, seemingly endless circling of thoughts and beliefs.

It takes wisdom to take a long look in the mirrors that others hold. To listen intently to what your life is whispering in your ear. To mine the depths of you for the treasures they hold. To know that what has served you before will not serve you going forward.

We are seeing the end of an era. The end of fear and power and mind over heart. Separation, force, struggle, being out of balance in one way or another. These will no longer stand. As we see the end of an era, so too we see the beginning of a new one. There is a brand new set of values, consciousness, awareness emerging now.

You are seeing both play out all over the world every day. We are in the brackish waters of endings and beginnings. But be aware, in this new kind of energy, as the new era emerges, any power you wield will undo you instead. Where you limit and control, it will call out and demand to be set free. All of us are subject. It’s not personal. It’s just physics really.

Emerging is…


Personal freedom. Sovereignty.

Unconditional compassion and love.

Creativity and creatorship.

Heart, first. Feeling and sensing.

Balance. Putting things in their proper place.

Nurturing of self instead of neglecting.

No feeding. No drama. No power. No force.

It is true that when you feel whole, loved, passionate, fulfilled, nurtured, sovereign, free you share that with others, you offer that mirror, you radiate that in the world. Now THAT is a mirror humanity ultimately wants to look in!

I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know. I’m just reminding you of what you already know. You have the answers within you. You know that there’s more to you. You sense that there’s a shift happening in the world. That we all want better, deserve better. That in truth, only a few are gripping and grabbing at the old, unsustainable way. The strongest voice is the voice of the heart.

You are radiating you out in the world, whether you are conscious of it or not. Are you radiating what you want more of in the world? Are you using your truest voice?


I offer some perspectives, ideas, approaches that may serve you as you take up the task at hand. They have served me well.

When issues come up, see them, deal with them, address them, gain the wisdom and then let rest go. It’s that simple. Whether it’s that easy is up to you! You are not a victim. Period. Unless you choose to.

See your own bullshit. Forgive my bluntness. Bold times call for bold talk. When you’re in denial, pointing the finger of blame or judgment outside of yourself, call yourself on it. The loving thing to do is to change it within you. And so much more graceful than having someone else do it for you.

Outside voices can dominate your vision of yourself and the world. They can bring in doubt, attach to your worth. Learn to distinguish what is yours and what is not. Feel into the messages. Do you choose it? If not, it’s not yours. Tell them to SHUT UP! They have no voice, no say!

There is no right or wrong. It’s just experience. Be loving with yourself. Be in absolute acceptance. Glean the golden wisdom from it. Let go of shoulds and shame and the voices that say you’re doing it wrong. Follow your heart. Listen to your knowingness. The miracle is that your highest good, that authentic voice and guidance, is also the highest good for all. It’s a mystery. It’s a miracle. Oh, I know the authority figures in your life taught you from the get go that there are all kinds of rules, musts and sins, but it served their agenda to tell you so. It did. Think about it. It kept you in line. No, I’m not advocating lawlessness, harming others or acting on everything your id seductively whispers in your ear. If you’re reading this, I assume you’re too conscious and sovereign for that to be so. And if you’re not, then stop reading this blog. It’s not for you. It’ll only confuse, confound and frustrate you. This blog is for those who care about their awakening consciousness, compassion, love and authenticity and living in the reality that gets created from it.

Be open to the possibility of change. Be open to the magic, the mystery. Allow the organic, gentle change. Letting go of the tight grasp on your current reality to open to a grander experience, higher potentials, surprise and delight. To quote from the movie, This Is Where I Leave You, “Anything can happen. Anything happens all the time.”

You doing your own work may make others uncomfortable. They may not like seeing what you’re going through or the reminder of their own issues. Organize your time and energies around people who are going to support you and encourage you. And DON’T organize your time and energies around people who are not going to support and encourage you. Doing otherwise will inevitably lead to disappointment, confusion and frustration. It’s also a form of self betrayal.

As is helping others at your own expense. You know that feeling when it’s happening. We all do. Resentment. It is there whether spoken or silent. A part of you is crying out, “Why don’t you put me/us first? How could you do this to us/me?” Allow, instead, your own well-being to be at the heart of all decisions. As I said, if it is self loving, selfish…meaning of the true self, from the true self…the pure expression, not the ugly one… then it is a loving act for all. You may question that, but who’s voice or agenda is behind that question? In the spirit of sovereignty, I am responsible for me, you are responsible for you…AND NO ONE ELSE. Each of us is responsible for ourselves. That doesn’t mean help, support, generosity are not valuable or appreciated. It doesn’t mean that a dog eat dog world is what I’m suggesting. But I must claim my own responsibility first and not play the victim to get my needs met. And so must you.

Align, each day, with your authentic self or whatever you want to call it. Sensing the essence of it is the important take away. Take a deep breath and connect before you even step out of bed. You may even say something that is meaningful to you out loud. If you need it, here’s an example:  I will have and create an unbreakable bond with the true me. I will honor who I am. Starting off this way, makes it much more likely that you’ll stay with it throughout the day. Check in again during the day as you have the nudge to do so. Take a deep, relaxing breath first is always a great way to connect to self and the present moment. This may feel like method and structure at first, but eventually it’ll be natural. And if the day goes kaflooey once in awhile, you can always begin again…tomorrow.


Today, each day, is an opportunity to restore the truth of you, your true potentials, in ways that you cannot yet imagine. These are intense, confusing and often chaotic times. And they are ripe for transformation. It’s no accident. We called for more…better…loving…freer times. When you realize that 1) you only have control over you and your world you create and 2) the world changes one person at a time, you make the path easier for you and for those who follow. This gift you give to yourself is also a gift you give to the world…the small world around you that you live in every day and the grand one we all share. You may sometimes feel like a salmon swimming upstream, but in my humble opinion it is the swim worth making. I invite you to take the swim of a lifetime!

And know that all is well.


Mtn Stream 2_Tom Seliskar

Images by Tom Seliskar