Wise Words: Tiredness

Recently, I, and some of my friends, have been feeling so tired. Not necessarily physically tired, though that too. But worn out mentally, emotionally, spiritually. There has been such a mix of emotions riding along side of this experience. And such a strong need to be alone, alone with oneself, only feeling one’s own energies. The weather is certainly inspiring it’s share of it…the time of the year we all want to get cozy and hibernate. But there’s more here, more to it.

And then a friend posted on social media, claiming loudly, strongly, clearly, powerfully, that she is just going to go at her own pace. Upon reading this, I burst into tears. Reading on with what she shared, something resonated so deeply about the words, the ideas, the knowingness buried like a treasure deep within me. Here’s the post she shared from Jeff Foster. Does it resonate with you?


Your tiredness has dignity to it! Do not rush to pathologise it, or push it away, for it may contain great intelligence, even medicine.
You have been on a long journey from the stars, friend. Bow before your tiredness now; do not fight it any longer.
There is no shame in admitting that you cannot go on. Even the courageous need to rest.
For a great journey lies ahead. And you will need all of your resources.
Come, sit by the fire of Presence. Let the body unwind; drop into the silence here. Forget about tomorrow, let go of the journey to come, and sink into this evening’s warmth.
Every great adventure is fuelled by rest at its heart.
Your tiredness is noble, friend, and contains healing power… if you would only listen.

And so I say to myself and you all are my witness…I will go at my own pace…and it is sacred!





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