My dear friends, Kay and Tom Seliskar are so in the flow. For years now, they have lived full time in their beautiful RV and let their hearts lead them all over the country. In ease and grace, trusting and allowing the flow. Enjoying the journey. It’s their way of life. They are a wonderful example to us all!

Many of the photos you see on this site are courtesy of this amazing couple. Where ever they go they enjoy and capture (so we all can enjoy) the living beauty of this land. Their footsteps (and tire tracks) are truly a blessing to the Earth. They’ve even created a book that reflects the beauty of nature and their spiritual journey called Spirit in Nature, a Book of Inspiration and Beauty. Read more about it here.

These dear ones are multi-talented! Their flow extends into the Emotion Code and Energy Healing work they do. One of their passions is supporting people with releasing the old, so they can step into the true. The impact they’ve made on my personal journey is tremendous. I experienced deep transformation and shift in the wake of their work with me. What a divine team! I invite you to explore their website to learn more.

I’m so grateful for their generosity in letting me share some of their spectacular photos with you. In their honor, we explore the beauty of flow. Of course, all of the photos are from Tom (and sometimes Kay). Thanks for the upliftment and the beautiful views, Tom and Kay!


burney falls

ocean 2


double rainbow

summer waterfall 4

vernal falls



Photos by Tom Seliskar



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