Long Live the Queen

Since 2008, I have had the honor and privilege of working with Barbara With and her Team (www.barbarawith.com). We met in Ohio at a workshop where she was co-presenting. The work I did on myself, for myself with her support and guidance was deep, intense and transformative. Years of looking in the mirror of the world so I could see myself better. Looking at the whole picture, for what was crying out to be healed and shed and loved. Seeing the long view and remembering my power as the creator instead of the victim. I am so blessed by the amazing guidance, material and tools I’ve been exposed to from such amazing people, notably Barbara. Thanks B!

In the wake of that work, I felt a rallying cry surge up from deep within me. A proclamation of sorts. And so it is!


Long Live the Queen!

To live! Truly live! To forever break this pattern of small…lack…powerless. Moment by moment. Breath at a time. Creating myself as the one I want to be. Creating a life that suits me perfectly. It is not frivolous. Or a “nice idea”. Or something to dabble in. This is important. I commit time. I commit resources. I commit energy. Every day. Each day. Beginning again. And again.

I meet those bullies and demon voices of old right where they stand. They don’t rule me. I revolve them into loving voices, sovereign voices, compassionate voices. I am the Queen, the Goddess, my own One. Those critical voices and put downs are no longer mine. In fact, they never were. They don’t belong here, no longer allowed. They have no power here. I will not carry “wrong” any more…mine or yours. The old can integrate and gift me with their wisdom. Or they can get out. But things cannot remain as they were. They can no longer wreak havoc here. The walls and bars of that prison dissolve like the illusions they are.

So…today – each day – I pick up my power. I claim my sovereignty. I stand as my own counsel and authority. There is no one above me or below me. This is my time. This is my life. This is my creation. No more unruly inmates running the prison or wounded patients running the asylum. I burn them down and return to the palace to reclaim my throne!

cat crown 3 roses crowns


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Cat in Crown | Cindy Chen Photography

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