Afraid to look

My guess is at least part of the reason humans are afraid or reluctant to open their eyes, really wake up and look within is because they’re afraid they may be right. Some part, even a tiny part, if they were really honest with themselves, may actually feel they are unworthy or less than or a sinner or not good enough or wrong somehow.

But the truth is, the deep undeniable truth, is that you ARE worthy. Your worth, your value is a given. It just is. It’s your divine birthright. Period.

You exist, therefore you have value. They go hand in hand. Your worth is assured. Just being here is enough. It has absolutely nothing to do with your appearance, your intelligence or lack of it, skills you do or do not have, how hard you work or don’t, the amount of money you have, how successful you are or are not or if you do it the right way or the wrong way. None of this has anything to do with your worth. Your worth is intrinsic. You are born with it. You die with it. No one can give it to you or take it from you. It’s yours and yours alone.

It’s yours.


Which means it’s yours to do with as you want.

So…you can deny it from yourself (maybe even without realizing it). You can put limitations on it. Pretend you have to earn it somehow. Require that there be hoops to jump through in order to have it. You can even keep it just out of reach so you never quite have it, but are always chasing it. You can let family, friends and colleagues shape your view of you. You can let the voices of culture, religion and government/politics have a say in how you feel about yourself.

Or you can just accept it and allow it to be so.

It’s your game. You get to choose.

Whatever you choose or don’t choose…the truth will always be waiting there, just under the surface. Ever patient. Until you’re compassionate enough of yourself or brave enough or possibly sick and tired enough to crack those eyes open (or at least one) and begin to look…and see…who you truly are.

Aren’t you worth it?


2 tulips 2 peonies 1 heirloom rose

All images were found on Pinterest.

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