Doing the work…

Doing the work…

Inner work is a jagged line, not point a to point b.

During this time you will experience a wide range of feelings, emotions, and interactions. It is appropriate.  It is a natural part of the process.  As best you can, stay open to it all.  Acknowledge the experiences.  Be present with the emotions.  Try not to put a lid on what you’re feeling.  Know that you are planting the seeds and laying the groundwork for the powerful shifts that can take place.

You may feel like you’re on a roller coaster for a while with the ups and downs, but it will begin to level off.  It may also feel like you peel away layers and only to find you’re facing down an old issue or pattern again. Be assured, it’s not a circle (read vicious cycle). It’s a spiral. You come back around but you’re at a different level. Your awareness will bring opportunities appropriate to your readiness.  You will begin to release the old and see the true you begin rising to the surface and radiating through.

From my perspective, this isn’t about self improvement. Being a better, shinier, more successful version of you. This is about allowing the truth of you, your authentic self to be what is at the front, rather than your patterns, habits and history. The stuff we’ve taken on for others, the false things we believe about ourselves, the things we’ve accumulated…and on and on and on. This is about true transformation and being real.

Done the work…

I have consciously and deliberately applied the idea of becoming my true self, through personal growth and transformation, for much my life. Always asking who am I? And who am I not? Sifting through my experiences and aspects of childhood, adolescence, adulthood, relationships and career. Looking for meaning. Watching the patterns. Becoming aware. Removing blocks. Exploring deeper and deeper layers. Ever sensitive to energies within me and around me. I read books, listened to tapes and cds. I observed my relationships and experiences through the lens of awareness and insight. It came naturally to me. I made it a priority. Eventually, it led me to my degree human development and family studies at university, to completing a coaching program, to attending many, many workshops, courses and events.

In other words, I’ve done the work.

Eventually, I realized this perspective, these skills, this wisdom that I developed was something I wanted to share with others, so I built my practice and now have created and launched this blog.

As I begin this endeavor, I want to acknowledge those who made a significant impact on my own journey and my work. The beginnings of my journey were sparked by Shirley MacLaine’s books. I will always be grateful for the doors that were opened by her courage to write and share her own journey at a time when criticism of these ideas was tremendous. Today we take them for granted. I applaud her pioneering spirit and honor her for going first in many ways.

I could not have experienced the growth and transformation I have, in the graceful way I have, if it weren’t for the brilliant and leading edge work and materials of Geoffrey and Linda Hoppe, founders of the Crimson Circle and consciousness pioneers, and Barbara With, a passionate visionary in personal and global transformation. The insights and wisdom each offers is priceless to me and their influence can be seen and felt throughout this blog.

Many thanks and deep gratitude to Kay and Tom Seliskar, for being so generous with encouragement and love and for sharing their extraordinary gifts with me; Shaumbra friends who have kept their eyes and hearts wide open on this long journey and spending hours and hours with me in reflection and discussion; and Barbara With for always reminding me of the mirror and the long view, while offering compassion, focus and clarity more times than I can count. Each so generously offered hands-on support and many heart to heart talks, as I did the deep and potent work of letting go of all things false within me. Your insights, compassion and understanding are precious to me.

I give credit where credit is due, generally, here and attempt to do it specifically in the individual posts of this blog. I have integrated all the wisdom so deeply, it has become a part of me, so my apologies if I sometimes falter in this task.

Thanks to Michelle Moran, who enthusiastically, lovingly and compassionately acted as cheerleader, sounding board, PR agent and seer, as this idea morphed and shapeshifted, ebbed and flowed. I’m so grateful for the sometimes daily check-ins that provided just the right nudge, insight or word of encouragement in the moment I needed it.

Thanks, too, to old and dear friends Jill Schiager, who has always had my back, no matter what “crazy” thing is coming out of my mouth, to Cari Caldwell who could see and trust my gifts even when they were diamonds in the rough and to Julie Youngblood Glass, who I recently discovered could “see” me for who I was, even when I had no idea I knew who that was.

And thank you to me for being willing to make the journey.


  1. We’re glad you’ve created a way to express what you have learned about the journey to finding and acknowledging the truth of you. Many people will be touched by your words, and hopefully they will find inspiration and courage for their own journey of self-discovery! Well done, and well begun!!
    We love you–Kay & Tom


  2. Thank you Jessica for opening this channel so I’m able to gain inspiration as I continue my self discovery. I look forward to the future!


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